Board of Regents Charge to the Search Committee

  1. The Wichita State University Presidential Search Committee (Committee) shall be comprised of individuals appointed by the Kansas Board of Regents (Committee Members), to assist and advise the Kansas Board of Regents in the selection of the next President of Wichita State University in accordance with the terms and conditions expressed herein.
  2. The Committee shall recommend to the Board in the form of a “Statement of Leadership Characteristics” or “President Profile” the criteria for the position of President to be approved by the Board on or before June 19, 2019. The Board requests the Committee analyze, at a minimum, a candidate’s strengths in the following areas:
    1. leadership and decision making;
    2. strategic planning and vision;
    3. innovation;
    4. attracting and retaining students;
    5. partnering with business and industry;
    6. ability to create applied learning opportunities;
    7. cultivation of a positive, professional and productive campus workforce;
    8. fundraising and financial stewardship; and
    9. supporting the role of faculty.
  3. Committee Members will serve without predetermined bias for or against any prospective candidates nominated, referred, or discovered in the search process.
  4. Committee Members will agree to review all candidates without regard to race, religion, creed, or national origin.
  5. Committee Members shall preserve the confidentiality of the search process and candidate identities. Such confidentiality is essential to the successful outcome of the search and must be maintained with professionalism and diligence at all times throughout the search process. Public communication regarding this search is to be done only by the Chair of the Search Committee.
  6. Committee Members will serve with the understanding that the Committee will meet frequently over a period of months and that attendance at scheduled meetings is a top priority.
  7. The Committee shall work with the advice of an executive search consultant to search and screen for appropriate candidates. The Committee shall evaluate nominations and applications.
  8. The Committee will present to the Kansas Board of Regents an unranked list of the three to five candidates who are the most qualified for Board selection as President of Wichita State University.
  9. In all deliberations, Committee Members will adhere to Board of Regents policies and act in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.

Download the committee's charge in pdf format