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Name and Address Changes

Finding / Losing Employment

Q1: What if my legal name changes?

Q2: What if my address changes while I'm on OPT?

Q1: What should I do when I find a job?

Q2: What if I change employers or lose my job?

Q3: Can I have more than one job?

Q4: What if I can't find paid employment?

Changes to Current Employment

Applying for the STEM OPT Extension

Q1: What if my physical/site address (where I perform my job duties) changes?

Q2: What if my position title changes?

Q3: What if the number of hours I work per week changes?

Q4: What if my supervisor changes?

Q5: What if my employer is bought by or merges with another company?

Q6: What if only the name of my company changes?

Q1: What forms do I need to fill out?

Q2: When can I send my documents to International Student Services at WSU?

Q3: What do I need to send to USCIS?

Q4: When can I renew my driver's license?

Q5: Can I continue working after my OPT EAD expires?

Q6: What if I change employers after I have applied for the STEM OPT Extension?

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