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Severe Economic Hardship Authorization Tutorial

Items to Email to iss@wichita.edu


If you would like to proceed with applying for off-campus work authorization due to economic hardship, please email the following items to iss@wichita.edu for review by an International Student Advisor. *To protect your privacy/identity, please do not email your payment information (check, money order, G-1450) or Social Security Number to ISS.

1. Completed Form I-765. To protect your identity, question 9.b. (SSN) should not be completed until after you send your documents to iss@wichita.edu

2. Copy of your passport, visa, and I-94 record

3. Copy of your passport-style photo

4. Copies of any previously-issued EADs

5. Copy of your letter and, if applicable, your sponsor's letter

6. Copies of your supporting documentation

7. We cannot issue an I-20 recommending SEH off-campus work authorization for economic hardship without knowing your requested start date. When submitting your email to iss@wichita.edu, please indicate your requested SEH start date. If you do not indicate a specific date, ISS will request a start date two months from the date of the recommendation since adjudication is expected to take this long at minimum.

All required documents and forms mentioned in this checklist must be completed. If the documents are incomplete or copies are not to the stated specifications, the advisor will not be able to recommend SEH off-campus work authorization.

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