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Transcript Requirements for China

  • Transcripts Required:
    • Final Senior Middle School results (Years 1 to 3) in both English and Chinese (issued by the school).
    • Senior Secondary Graduation Certificate in both English and Chinese.
    • Transcripts (in both English and Chinese) from all colleges or universities you have attended or are now attending – even if you do not want transfer credit.
    • Front and Back of all transcripts.
  • To Be Official: Transcripts must be an original or photocopy stamped/signed by a school official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, other government authority or Education USA. Transcripts may NOT be stamped "Issued to student."
  • Translations: If the school does not provide transcripts in English, transcripts must be translated by an official translator or notary public. Translations should be in the same format as the original transcript and must have the original stamp or signature of the translator or notary public.
  • Transcripts from U.S. or Canadian Schools: Must be sent to us directly from the school.
  • Failure to List All Schools: If you do not list all schools on your application, you will be expelled, denied admission, or refused transfer credit.
  • Falsified Documents: You will be denied admission or expelled if you send falsified transcripts, bank statements, or any other documents.
  • Transcript Retention Policy: All transcripts will be destroyed after they are scanned into our computer system.
  • Address for Transcripts and Application Materials:
    Office of International Education
    Wichita State University
    1845 Fairmount Street
    Wichita, Kansas 67260-0122
    Telephone for Express Mail: 1-316-978-3232
  • Electronically Submit Your Application Materials: Follow the step-by-step instructions on the How to Apply webpage. You are required to submit final, official educational records after admission. You may present the final document(s) after arrival in Wichita, but the check-in process will be faster if official copies are sent prior to arrival. It is especially important for students with transfer credit to submit official copies of educational records as soon as possible to facilitate the transfer credit process. Without official copies of your educational records you can enroll for one semester only.
  • Exemptions or Transfer Credit: Transfer credit is available for many post-secondary schools in China. The following is a list of programs we have previously evaluated.
    If your school or program is not listed, we would be happy to conduct a transfer credit review after you receive admission.
    Dongguan University of Tech – Human Resource Management
    Dongguan University of Tech – International Accounting
    Dongguan University of Tech – International Economics & Trade
    Dongguan University of Tech – International Finance
    Dongguan University of Tech – Mechanical Engineering & Automation
    Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce -- Advanced Diploma in Accounting
    Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce -- Advanced Professional Diploma in Business Mgmt
  • Enrollment Deposit Requirement: WSU now requires a tuition deposit for applicants from the Fujian Province to ensure they have the financial ability to study in the U.S. If the student is accepted, a US$7,000 enrollment deposit must be paid before an I-20 is issued. To improve the chances of a student getting a visa, the student's I-20 will show that he or she has paid the deposit.
  • Enrollment Deposit Policy and Payment Methods
    • If admissible, you will receive a scanned letter indicating you are admissible and the I-20 will be prepared once the enrollment deposit is received.
    • The deposit will be used to pay for WSU tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and medical insurance purchased through the University. No portion of the deposit will be refunded to the student to pay for books, any personal expenses, or medical insurance purchased off-campus, etc. Students will need to bring extra money to pay for these expenses.
    • If a student enrolls in classes at WSU but owes less than the US$7,000 deposit paid previously, the overpayment will not be refunded. Instead, the overpayment will be applied to the student's next semester of enrollment.
    • If a student transfers to another institution after completing at least one semester of enrollment at WSU, the student will not be eligible for a refund of any balance left in account.
    • The enrollment deposit can be made by a wired payment for those outside of the United State. Click here for how to pay with a wired payment. Or, the enrollment deposit can be paid by a check. All checks must be issues by a U.S. bank. Check should be made payable to "Wichita State University" and sent to:

      Office of International Education
      Wichita State University
      1845 Fairmount Street
      Wichita, Kansas 67260-0122 USA

  • Enrollment Deposit Refund Policy