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Global Select Scholarships 


 Education Level: UNDERGRADUATE
(12-15 credit hours per semester)
(9-12 credit hours per semester)
Tuition Discount



Total Scholarship Award
per Academic Year

$4,800 - $6,000

$5,300 - $7,000

Total Scholarship Award
After 2 Years of Study

$9,600 - $12,000

$10,600 - $14,000

Total Scholarship Award
After 4 Years of Study

$19,200 - $24,000

$21,200 - $28,000

IMPORTANT NOTE:  International students who qualify for Global Select receive a substantial discount of tuition that’s equivalent to 150% of the tuition rate that students from Kansas pay. Like a traditional scholarship, Global Select rates reduce the amount the student will be required to pay. Traditional scholarships, however, typically require a student to be enrolled full time and are usually for a fixed award amount. This means that your scholarship award is the same regardless of the number of credit hours you enroll in. Global Select is different. With Global Select, you will receive a discount for every credit hour you enroll in AND you are not required to be enrolled full time in order to qualify for the discount. As such, for many international students, Global Select is a better discount option than a traditional scholarship. Please note that Global Select provides a discount on tuition only (not fees).


  • Answer one scholarship question on our application for admission. Students must
    Apply for Admission in order to be considered for a scholarship. It's quick and easy!


  • Automatically awarded to eligible students.
  • Automatically renewed until the end of your program.
  • Available for NEW international students (freshman, transfer, and graduate) and is only awarded at the time of admission. Unless the student graduates from WSU, continuing students who were not eligible for Global Select at the time of admission will not be reconsidered again regardless of their performance at Wichita State. If a student's immigration status changes after admission and the student is no longer classified as an international student, Global Select will be rescinded.
  • Must have admission to a degree program.
  • May be used for both Intensive English and academic classes.
  • If you attended a school that does not have American-style grading, we will convert your grades after you apply for admission and submit all required application materials.
  • Undergraduate Applicants
    GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0) or its international equivalent. The Office of International Education will determine the student's eligibility for a scholarship.  Please note that Global Select scholarships are awarded based upon your grades.  SAT and ACT scores are not used to determine your eligibility for a scholarship.
  • Graduate Applicants
    GPA of 3.3 (out of 4.0) or its international equivalent. The Graduate School will determine the student's eligibility for a scholarship.
  • Students who Graduate from Wichita State
    GPA of 3.3 or higher regardless of education level
  • Cannot be used with other WSU general scholarships or tuition waivers such as graduate assistantships, legacy tuition waivers, online programs (including the hybrid MBA program), or tuition waivers through Comité Paraguay Kansas (CPK).
  • This scholarship does not apply to programs that charge a fixed fee regardless of residency status, such as Executive MBA, Accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing Program, and WSU/K-State Nursing Program.
  • Financial need will not be taken into consideration.
  • If you transfer from WSU to another institution, your Global Select Scholarship will be rescinded. If you later return to WSU, you will no longer be eligible for a Global Select Scholarship and you will have to pay standard nonresident rates for tuition.
  • The scholarship may be rescinded if the GPA on your final transcript for admission drops below the minimum requirement.