My Visit to Boats and Bikes in Downtown Wichita


I had the chance to check out Boats and Bikes, an equipment and venue rental service run by Wichita State. The company is located downtown at River Vista Apartments. With its prime location along the Arkansas River, it's the perfect destination for both water and land enthusiasts.

Boats and Bikes boast an impressive range of rental equipment. From kayaks and standup paddleboards (S.U.P.s) for water lovers to Trikkes, scooters, and bicycles for those who prefer to stay on land, there's something for everyone.

Students enjoying time on the Arkansas River in downtown Wichita.Matt Crow/Undergraduate Admissions

During my visit, I attended the S’mores and Oars event hosted by Shocker Rowing. This annual event allowed us to test out the kayaks and paddle boats. While both experiences were enjoyable, the paddle boats demanded a bit more legwork for maneuvering. Following our aquatic adventures, we gathered around fire pits to savor delicious s’mores.

Watching the Shocker Rowing team in action was a highlight of the event. Event attendees could learn to row on the river with rowing team members. We are eager to learn to row ourselves in the future.

A Shocker Rowing student prepares to exit from the dock on the Arkansas River.Matt Crow/Undergraduate Admissions

For WSU students, military members, and groups, Boats and Bikes offer exclusive discounts.

My visit to Boats and Bikes at River Vista was an unforgettable experience. The combination of thrilling water activities and picturesque riverside views left me eager to return for more adventures. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore this hidden gem right in the heart of Wichita!


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