What is the difference between the Shocker Gaming Club and Shocker Esports?

The Shocker Gaming Club houses all students interested in gaming and provides opportunities for students to compete. Students must go through a tryout process and reach a certain skill level before being considered for WSU Shocker Esports, just like any traditional sport.

What gaming titles does Shocker Esports currently offer?

  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Valorant

How can I be involved with WSU Esports even if I don’t make the Varsity Roster?

Applied learning opportunities in the form of casting live competition, photo and video editing, social media, team management, and more.

What does Shocker Esports athlete's schedule look like?

Shocker Esport athletes are required to practice two times a week, attend physical workouts, and compete in competitions.

Where does Shocker Esports compete?

  • Heskett Center room 109 
  • Heskett Center Esports Hub

Does Wichita State Shocker Esports offer Scholarships?

We are currently working on developing the scholarship infrastructure. The tournaments that we actively play in offer the opportunity to win scholarship money depending on placing.