Team History

The Wichita State Shocker bowling program has a history worthy of recognition and pride. It’s filled with victories and success stories on an individual and team level. These accomplishments have contributed to each participant’s personal and athletic growth during and beyond the college level.

The WSU lady Shocker’s team has been a national powerhouse in collegiate bowling for more than four decades. This domination continues to be proven at the Intercollegiate Team Championships (ITC). The ITC is a tournament in which teams must qualify in order to participate. Teams qualify by bowling in “sectionals” which are held at designated locations throughout the country; the top 16 women’s and top 16 men’s teams in the country advance to the ITC where they will have a chance to win a national title. Thus far, the women’s team has qualified for the ITC a record number 45 out of 46 times since the tournament’s inception in 1975. The women have won ten national titles with the latest win in May 2021 in Grand Rapids, Mich.; this number has yet to be surpassed by any other women’s bowling team. The women’s team is the only team in intercollegiate bowling history the International Bowling Media Association (IBMA) has ranked in the top 10 of every poll since the poll’s inception.

The WSU men’s team has joined the women’s team as the most dominant force in the intercollegiate bowling field. The men continue to stand their ground at the ITC, claiming the No. 1 spot a record number 12 times. This feat has yet to be trumped as the next nearest men’s team to the Shockers has four titles. As national champions in 1993, 1994, and 1995, the Shocker men attained history as the first college bowling team to ever accomplish a “three-peat”; they rewrote history again when they won the national title in 2008, 2009, and 2010 for a second “three-peat.” Along with the women, the men have also dominated the BWAA poll. Since the poll’s inception in 1978, the men’s team has cornered the No. 1 position 41 out of 107 times. To illustrate how dominate this is, no other men’s team has been ranked No. 1 more than 13 times.

Year Location Women Men
2021 Grand Rapids 1st 1st
2020 CANCELLED -- --
2019 Dayton 7th 13th
2018 Lincoln 5th 9th
2017 Baton Rouge 9th 3rd
2016 Wichita 2nd 3rd
2015 Wichita 3rd 1st
2014 Reno 9th 3rd
2013 Lincoln 3rd N/A
2012 Lincoln 5th 2nd
2011 Columbus (Georgia) 9th 3rd
2010 El Paso 3rd 1st
2009 Rockford 1st 1st
2008 Wichita 2nd 1st
2007 Wichita 1st 4th
2006 Rockford 5th 3rd
2005 Rockford 1st 7th
2004 Tulsa 2nd 5th
2003 Tulsa 3rd 1st
2002 Buffalo 2nd 9th
2001 Grand Rapids 3rd 4th
2000 Wichita 4th 13th
1999 Wichita 3rd 3rd
1998 Madison 6th 1st
1997 Kansas City 4th 6th
1996 Kansas City 3rd 3rd
1995 Knoxville 2nd 1st
1994 Carson City 1st 1st
1993 Indianapolis 8th 1st
1992 Milwaukee 3rd 2nd
1991 Columbus (Ohio) 3rd 2nd
1990 Portland 1st 2nd
1989 Las Vegas 4th 3rd
1988 Denver 5th 2nd
1987 Omaha 4th 1st
1986 Houston 1st 3rd
1985 Milwaukee 4th N/A
1984 San Jose 5th 2nd
1983 St. Louis 4th 4th
1982 Orlando 4th N/A
1981 St. Louis N/A 6th
1980 Milwaukee 7th 1st
1979 Milwaukee 3rd N/A
1978 Milwaukee 1st N/A
1977 San Antonio 1st N/A
1976 San Jose 2nd N/A
1975 Dayton 1st N/A