JAMS is a leader in international coordination of research, development, and standardization for structures constructed from composites and advanced materials. The common goal of this joint center, as with the other COEs, is to create a cost-sharing academic, industrial, and governmental partnership. The members are forging a union between the public sector, the private sector and academic institutions to create a world-class capability to identify solutions for existing and potential advanced materials and structures issues. The main focus of this partnership is the research, engineering and development of information used to assure safety and standardize certification of existing and emerging structural applications of composites and advanced materials. Specifically, projects include the evaluation of past applications, performance of applied research and the development of standard engineering practices. This Joint Center of Excellence, working with industry and government, also plays an important role in technology transfer, training, and continuing education for the aircraft industry and regulators. The group strives for international standardization; develops consensus for developed protocols; identifies standardized criteria for material and process control; and promotes shared material databases worldwide. COE members and industry affiliates have provided more than $15M in matching contributions.

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SPONSOR: Office of Airport and Aircraft Safety, Research & Development Division
FAA PROGRAM MANAGER: Ahmet Oztekin, William J. Hughes Technical Center
CECAM DIRECTOR/UNIVERSITY LEAD: John Tomblin, Ph.D., Wichita State University
AMTAS DIRECTOR/UNIVERSITY LEAD: Mark Tuttle, Ph.D., University of Washington