Partnering with Industries on Data Analytics


Data analytics initiatives support a wide variety of hyper-competitive business strategies. For example, secure banks and credit companies analyze spending patterns to prevent fraud. Profitable e-commerce and marketing providers analyze clickstream data to identify visitors who are more likely to purchase a product based on viewing patterns, and performant mobile network operators examine transmission data to enable/disable infrastructure at-scale to accommodate real-time demand.

Ennovar focuses on meaningful relationships by leveraging partnerships with industry leaders who train, coach, and guide students in applied Data (Analytics, Science, Mining & Marketing) with the latest cutting-edge multi-cloud services. 

Corporate Partners who have incorporated our applied learning initiative have found co-op opportunities to be more cost effective than traditional outsourcing while providing more meaningful benefits and services.




Data Services

  • AWS QuickSight, Athena & Looker, Glue for ETL, Data Lakes & WareHouse
  • Microsoft Azure Insights, Databricks, Log and Threat Analytics
  • Google Cloud Analytic Essentials with Visualization
  • Advanced expertise in Excel pivot-tables, Power BI and Tableu

Benefits and Value for Partners

  • Dedicated resources to keep pace with your production
  • Stunning visualization & reporting for internal or marketing
  • Lower cost point using co-op opportunities
  • Simultaneous talent pool for new hire expansion
  • Flexible hours of operation, remote or on-site
  • Program management & secured data assessment
  • Online time-keeping and sprint productivity
  • Federal Compliance knowledge