Journey Around the World

The exhibit, "Journey Around the World" was created by the Museum Exhibition class Spring 2019

Student Preparers

North America - Brittany Beck and Leah Gagne

Central and South America - Brittany Beck and Leah Gagne

Europe - Brittany Beck and Leah Gagne

Asia and Africa - Erin LeBegue and Suzanne Walenta

Asia and Oceania - Carter Bryant and Rachel Yanko

Threaded Together: Dress and Textiles from Around the World - Emily Loy and Jacob Collins 

Museum Staff

Instructor and Museum Director - Rachelle Meinecke

Student Staff - Claire Weatherall, Gracie Tolley and Lance


Threaded Together: Dress Textiles from Around the World

For ages, all across the world in every culture, dress and textiles have possessed the ability to communicate meaning and human creativity to others. Dress and textiles invite individuals to investigate and explore both the individual as well as the collective identity found within cultures. Dress can represent a large national identity as well as the small individual preferences of the wearer or creator; and every aspect in between. Not only are dress and textiles decorative and symbolic, they can also be functional.


Oftentimes, many cultural pieces possess more than one purpose. This multi-purpose aspect is part of what makes cultural dress and textiles so rich and complex. Many dress and textiles are reserved for significant ceremonies or events while others may have been worn daily. Regardless of how often a garment is worn or a textile used, there is always a story to tell. These material pieces displayed each have their own story to tell but come together to thread a cross cultural experience of dress and textiles found from around the world.


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