The museum's support and collections grew slowly but steadily in the years leading up to its move to Neff Hall. In 2001, the museum organized an expedition into Western New Guinea, where they collected a major collection of nearly one thousand objects of Asmat tribal art. Asmat art is famous for its large size, beauty, artistic quality and rarity. The only other comparable collections in the United States are the Michael Rockefeller Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the holdings of the American Museum of Asmat Art in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Currently the museum features collections of Chinese and Asian cultural objects, African Sculptures, Southwest Pueblo Pottery, pre-Columbian ceramics, ethnographic Asmat art, archaeological artifacts from the American Plains and southwest, major ethnographic collections of Latin American Textiles, Guatemalan dance masks and costumes, Oceanic material, and Native American beadwork and basketry. The museum is a repository for Federal Government Archaeological collections used by students for educational and research purposes.