In 2001, the Lowell D. Holmes Museum of Anthropology at Wichita States University organized an expedition into the Asmat region to collect the art for the museum's collection.

Asmat expert and explorer Patti Seery, the museum’s former director, Jerry Martin, along with a crew of Indonesian and Asmat people traveled the jungles and swamps for six weeks to purchase and research the traditional and ceremonial art of the area. They left the region with one of the largest and most important collections of Asmat art now found in the United States.

Our deep gratitude goes to Paula and Barry Downing, who during a visit to Asmat in 1998 saw the wonderful beauty of their art and culture and agreed to fund the expedition.

Our gratitude also goes to Mr. Peter Bakwin, of Chicago Illinois for his generous donation of his collection of over 100 important Asmat objects.