Ph.D., Purdue University

Vis Madhavan has been teaching at WSU since August 1996. He teaches and conducts research in the area of manufacturing processes. The courses he teaches include Manufacturing Methods and Materials I and II, Analysis of Manufacturing Processes and Finite Elements in Metal Forming. His research interests have been predominantly focused on fundamental mechanics and tribology issues in the areas of machining and sheet metal forming and in the use of Virtual Reality in the design of manufacturing processes as well as in engineering education. Specific research topics include FEA of machining and sheet metal forming, Strain rate and temperature measurement in machining, Constitutive models, Tribology of high speed sliding contacts, Inverse estimation of friction and material properties and Immersive virtual reality for design of assembly operations. His work in these areas has been funded by NSF, DoD (Army Research Office), Boeing Co., Cessna Aircraft Co., Raytheon Aircraft Co., NIST and Naval Research Laboratory.