Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Twomey is currently the Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Studies, and Faculty Development. In that role she works closely with faculty to locate sources of funding and develop their research programs. She has organized faculty development seminars focusing on research, assigns new faculty mentors, and travels to NSF with new faculty to meet program offices. As a Program Officer at the National Science Foundation, Dr. Twomey, together with two other NSF Program Officers, developed and delivered two workshops: NSF Proposal Writing and CAREER Proposal Writing. Dr. Twomey has been successful in procuring external funding from several agencies, such as the NSF and the Directorate of Engineering. Dr. Twomey brings to this project over 25 years of faculty mentorship and she will assist the PI and the Co-PIs in preparing full grant proposals to be submitted at the end of the three year grant funded period.


Areas of Research Interest

Technology for Environmental Sustainability, Intelligent Computational Methods, Industrial Sustainability

Current Projects:

  • "NSF Sustainable Energy Pathways Program: Collaborative: Achieving a Sustainable Energy Pathway for Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing,"
    Niezrecki (University of Massachusetts, Lowell) and Twomey (PIs)
  • "NSF EAGER: Energy in Healthcare,” NSF, Twomey, PI.
  • "Workshop: Energy/Materials Dimensions of Engineering in Evidence-Based Healthcare," Twomey and Overcash (PIs), NSF.
  • “Wind energy and Sustainable Energy Solutions”; Twomey and Overcash (PIs); DOE.
  • “NSF US-Egypt Cooperation: International Workshop on Wind Energy Development,” Cairo, Egypt March 23-25, 2010, Pipattanasomporn (VA Tech), and Twomey (PIs), NSF.
  • “Kansas NSF EPSCoR Center for Solar Energy Research,” NSF EPSCoR, Twomey and Overcash (CoPIs), NSF EPSCoR.
Awards and Honors

Former NSF Program Officer: Manufacturing Enterprise Systems

NSF CAREER Award: Neural Network Strategy for Machining when Data is Sparse