Ph.D Mechanical Engineering (Thermo-fluids), University of California, Berkeley.
M.Sc Mechanical Engineering (Heat Transfer), University of Manitoba.


Areas of Research Interest

Research interests

Phase change heat transfer, thermal management, renewable power generation, energy storage, modeling and simulation, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Thermal/Fluid Science

Areas of Teaching Interest

Courses taught

  • Undergraduate

Thermal Systems and Economics Fluid Systems

Thermodynamics I Heat Transfer

System Dynamics Power Plant Engineering

Statics Dynamics

Foundations of Engineering

  • Graduate

Advanced Fluid Mechanics Convection Heat Transfer

Advanced Conduction Analysis Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer


Selected publications

  1. A.R. Archibold, M.M. Rahman, D.Y. Goswami, and E.K. Stefanakos, “The Effects of Radiative Heat Transfer During the Melting Process of a High Temperature Phase Change Material Confined in a Spherical Shell,” Applied Energy, 2014 (in press).
  2. S. Bellan, J. Gonzalez-Aguilar, M. Romero, M.M. Rahman, D.Y. Goswami, E.K. Stefanakos, and D. Couling, “Numerical Analysis of Charging and Discharging Performance of a Thermal Energy Storage System with Encapsulated Phase Change Material,” Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 71, pp. 481-500, 2014.
  3. T.K. Aldoss and M.M. Rahman, “Comparison between the Single-PCM and Multi-PCM Thermal Energy Storage Design,” Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 83, pp. 79-87, 2014.
  4. A.R. Archibold, M.M. Rahman, D.Y. Goswami, and E.K. Stefanakos, “Analysis of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow During Melting Inside a Spherical Container for Thermal Energy Storage,” Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 64, pp. 396-407, 2014.
  5. A.R. Archibold, J. Gonzalez-Aguilar, M.M. Rahman, D.Y. Goswami, M. Romero, and E.K. Stefanakos, “The Melting Process of Storage Materials with Relatively High Phase Change Temperatures in Partially Filled Spherical Shells,” Applied Energy, Vol. 116, pp. 243-252, 2014.