Ph.D (Mech. Eng), Iowa State Univ, Ames, IA.
Howard Univ, Washington, DC; ME (Mech. Eng), Solid Mechanics 

Brief biography

Dr. Ravi received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University. He joined Wichita State in 1991. He teaches courses in the thermal sciences and conducts research in the areas of heat transfer enhancement, microscale heat transfer, Li-Ion batteries and thermal problems in non-traditional manufacturing, including laser machining.


Academic Interests and Expertise

Courses taught

  • Advanced Design of HVAC Systems
  • Adv. Heat Exchanger Design
  • Design of BioMEMS
  • Bio-Thermal Fluid Engineering
  • Computational Heat Transfer
  • Cardiopulmonary Engineering
  • Interactive TV Course – Thermodynamics
  • Interactive TV Course – Fluid Mechanics
Areas of Research Interest

Thermal/Fluid Science

Research interests

Research interests are primarily in the areas of heat transfer enhancement, microscale heat transfer, and biothermal applications. Heat transfer enhancement is relevant to sustainability of energy resources – a specialty that is regaining its pre-eminence. Single-phase flow and boiling heat transfer in micro- and mini-channels have applications in Energy and water conservation. While these have been under investigation over the last two decades, second generation technologies are being studied in the form of surface alterations using Carbon NanoTubes (CNTs), Nanostructured particles, and nano-fluids. The research has impact on air-cooling technologies and on two-phase bubble generation and dynamics on heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics.

Biothermal applications involve interdisciplinary research in thermodynamic and fluid-flow principles to physiological problems – specifically relating to obesity, exercise, and cardiovascular diseases in aging populations. Flow characteristics involving nano-fluids, microchannels, and wall stresses have direct applications to cardiovascular issues, cryotherapies and fluid therapies.



Selected publications

  1. Gogineni, A., Ravigururajan, T. S., 2014, “A Review of flow in blocked and stented arteries,” J Biomedical Engineering & Technlogy (accepted for publication.)
  2. Gogineni, A., Ravigururajan, T. S., 2014, “Flow modeling downstream of a restenotic stented cardiac vessel under Ischemic Conditions,” J Healthcare Engineering (Under review.).
  3. Paruchuri, R., Ravigururajan, T. S., and Muley, A., 2013, “Performance Comparison of a Conical and Cylindrical Headers in a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger,” (under review), ASME J Thermal Science and Engineering Applications.
  4. Sharif, Y., and Ravigururajan, T. S., 2013, “Subcooled and Saturated Flow Boiling Characteristics of Refrigerant Mixture Flows in micro-coil enhanced mini channels.” (under review) J. Enhanced Heat Transfer.
  5. Khan, W.S., Asmatulu, R., Ahmed, I.,and Ravigururajan, T.S, 2013,“Thermal Properties of Electrospun PAN and PVP Nanocomposite Fibers Incorporated with MWCNTs and NiZn Ferrite Nanoparticles,” Int. J. of Thermal Sciences, , vol. 71, pp 74-79.