Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest engineering fields. Mechanical engineers are found in virtually all productive industries, from aircraft and automotive to consumer products and building equipment. They design products, machines, and processes for manufacturing. They analyze, test, and develop these products, machines, and manufacturing processes to attain the best performance and durability within cost and time limits.

WSU student presenting his project.

To see the specific courses required for the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree program, laid out by semester, use your specific course sequence when visiting with your faculty adviser for enrollment. In response to the recommendation of the National Academy of Engineering report on the future needs for engineering graduates, the College of Engineering has implemented the Engineer of 2020 program.

WSU Engineering student working in the lab.

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers Master’s and Doctoral degrees in various fields of mechanical engineering including, Design, Energy Systems, Fluids, Materials, Robotics, Thermal Systems, and Interdisiplenary areas of Biomedical Applications, Electro-mechanical Systems, Unmanned-AI Vehical Systems. The Mechanical Engineering Department has state of the art research and teaching facilities with advanced equipment. The Mechanical Engineering Department also provides opportunities for graduate students to support themselves financially through various assistantships, on campus internships.