Dr. Crystal Dozier is an anthropological archaeologist with over a decade of experience. Dr. Dozier received her PhD and MA from Texas A&M University and her BA from the University of Chicago. Her work contends with political economy and social identity in the past, especially as embodied through foodways and cooking technologies. Dr. Dozier’s research explores nutrition, fermentation technology, feasting, and ancient diets using macro and micro-botanical techniques. Her work has garnered wide attention, as featured by  Smithsonian MagazineNational Geographic, Archaeology Magazine, and more. She directs the Archaeology of Food Laboratory, which provides resources for students to develop their own research projects. Dr. Dozier also serves as the Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Anthropology and City Archaeologist for the city of Wichita.


Academic Interests and Expertise

Archaeology of food, Feasting, Experimental Archaeology, Pre-Columbian Fermentation Technology, Gendered Archaeology, Mircro-botanical Analyses, Economic Anthropology, Reflective Teaching Methods in Anthropology




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*student co-author

Awards and Honors

2022                      Young Faculty Scholar Award, Wichita State University

2019                       Tilford Diversity Fellow, Office of Academic Affairs, Wichita State University

Areas of Service

City Archaeologist, City of Wichita, Kansas (2019-present)

Graduate Coordinator, Department of Anthropology (2019-present) 

First Generation Coordinating Council, Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Representative (2019-present)

Curriculum Committee, Society for American Archaeology (chair: 2020-2023; member 2015-2020)