Lab: Initiatives Supporting Positive Youth Relationships (INSPYRE)

University of Arkansas, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, 2017,
University of Arkansas, M.A. Clinical Psychology, 2013,

University of Akron, B.A. Psychology, 2010

Current Instructor: Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychology and Problems of Sociey, and General Psychology-Honors


Academic Interests and Expertise

My research aims to develop and evaluate interventions that reduce risk and promote healthy relationships in underserved youth. I am specifically interested in the prevention of school bullying, dating violence and gang-related violence. I am involved in several projects related to evaluating school-based interventions to help chronically bullied children and adolescent girls at-risk for dating violence. I conduct my work in community and school settings to increase access to services for underserved and vulnerable populations.

Areas of Research Interest

Research Interests: Clinical Child Psychology, School Bullying, Adolescent Dating Violence, Prevention Science, Community-based Interventions


Selected Publications:

  1. Gregus, S.J., Hernandez Rodriguez, J., Pastrana, F.A., Craig, J.T., McQuillin, S.D. & Cavell, T.A. (2017). Teacher self-efficacy and intentions to use recommended anti-bullying practices as predictors of children’s peer victimization. School Psychology Review.
  2. Bridges, A.J., Cavell, T.A., Ojeda, C., Gregus, S.J., & Gomez, D. (2017). Doctoral training in integrated behavioral health care: Dipping a toe or diving in. The Behavior Therapist, 40 (5), 169-179.
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  4. Craig, J.T., Gregus, S.J., Burton, A., Hernandez Rodriguez, J., Blue, M., Faith, M.A., & Cavell, T.A. (2016). Exploring change processes in school-based mentoring for bullied children. Journal of Primary Prevention, 37, 1-9.
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