Lab: Behavioral Community Research & Action Team

University of Kansas, Ph.D. 1996
University of KS Medical Center, M.P.H., 1996
University of Kansas, M.A., 1993

Wichita State University, B.A., 1991

Current Instructor: Introduction to Community Psychology, Professional Consultation and Leadership, Leadership Development, Seminar in Prevention, and Community Practicum.


Academic Interests and Expertise

My current research interests are to examine the personal and environmental factors that affect health and development. I am particularly interested in examining the effects of preventive interventions conducted in communities, mental health and the health behaviors of African Americans.

Behavioral Community Research and Action Team: This research team focuses on research and evaluation by collaborating with community-based agencies and organizations to reduce health disparities. Our research team also focuses on adolescent health and development, reducing health disparities and conducing community participatory research. Current Projects Include: Health and well-being among college students, substance abuse prevention, Mental health and suicide among BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color). We have conducted evaluations related to Harm reduction, Juvenile Justice, and Integrated Behavioral Health. We use socio-ecological model and culturally responsive evaluation approaches.

Areas of Research Interest

Research Interests: Adolescent Health and Development, Reducing Health Disparities, Community Development, Program Evaluation


Selected Publications:

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