Post-award services assist after the grant, contract or cooperative agreement has been awarded to the University.

Research post-award staff establish project accounts and budgets outlined by the University and works with the principal investigator who manages the work and funds awarded according to the funding agreement.

Roles & Responsibilities

The PI or Co-Pi's primary roles in managing sponsored project accounts are:

  • Determining allocability of costs (e.g., benefit to the project). The PI, or their staff with firsthand knowledge of the project, has primary responsibility for determining whether a cost benefits a project;
  • Monitoring expenditures using Self-Service Finance or Reporting Services
  • Notifying Post-Award staff when significant changes occur with the project (e.g., change in scope of work or level of effort)
  • Understanding the terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Submitting timely technical reports.

Our office is here to help you as the PI or Co-PI with account management responsibilities.

If a PI desires to change any aspect of the award, he/she should contact the Office of Research for guidance and approval. Examples of changes include: re-budgeting, no-cost extensions, change of scope, change of PI, change of effort, change of key personnel, and/or adding a collaborator.

The Office of Research should also be contacted for issues pertaining to pre-award costs (spending prior to the receipt of award notice), and any administrative or contractual issues that require the prior approval of the sponsor.

For more information or questions please call the Office of Research main office at 978-3285.