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Our mission

Addressing the fundamental human right for education and educational opportunities for all communities



Change the lives of thousands of refugees

Refugees and asylees, migrants fleeing persecution and violence, are often underserved in their host countries due to lack of learning and teaching resources, language barriers, exclusion in the host society, and inadequate health care opportunities. Therefore, it is essential that institutions of higher education work together with resettlement agencies, community members, and providers of English as second language classes (ESL) to create opportunities for refugee learners.

Group of refugee children

Who we are

Nine members of the executive board at the Center for Educational Technologies to Assist Refugee Learners CETARL. The content is "our interdisciplinary team of nine members has the relevant skill sets needed to create educational technologies for this pressing societal problem".

What we do

Chart: Project Education For All. Chart shows the project's implementation activities in 4 phrases from 2020 to 2023. Phrase 1, by 12/2020, form partnership with refugee resettlement community partners. Phrase 2, by 08/2021, survey refugee community to understand their needs. Phrase 3, by 8/2022, personalize the game-based learning platform. Phrase 4, by 8/2023, distribute the game protype to USD 259 and USD 385 schools.

Our partnerships

Refugee Learning and Resettlement Team

Our impact

A group of students throwing graduation caps into the air

Increase the refugee's educational opportunities and decrease the world poverty percentage

Education is a fundamental human right and there is a huge number of refugee children who are unable to attend elementary and middle school, thereby leading to increase in world poverty. Providing personalized game-based learning opportunities for refugee children will provide better lives and better standards of  living.

A group of international students holding books and standing side by side

Provide WSU students new service-learning and applied-learning opportunities

The creation of the ‘Refugee Learning and Resettlement Team’ will create new partnerships with local community partners, thus providing WSU students the access to internships in these community organizations.
Four multicultural students are celebrating the project sucess with teacher

Offer new degree and certificate programs

The success of the game-based learning platform will be the premise of the establishment of "Center for Migration Studies" in Fall 2024. This center will host faculty working on research on immigrants, refugees, and asylees. Once set up, the center can offer new degree programs and certificate courses in refugee/migration studies.

Two refugee children are studying under the teacher's instruction

Improve intercultural competency among educators

The tool will enable teachers to understand cultural expectations of the refugee population and provide quality education to all students of Wichita and Andover Public Schools, among others.


Dollar General Literacy Foundation grant

Congrats to Karissa Marble-Flint, CSD assistant professor, and her team, Andrew Bowman, English, and Mythili Menon, English, for their recent grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation! The award was given to their project, “Building Bridges: A Literacy and Educational Program for Refugee Families in Wichita, Kansas.”

United Way of the Plains - Impact on the Plains winner

CETARL was the Game Changer award winner in the United Way of the Plains first-ever "Shark Tank"-style Social Innovation Competition for Education on Nov. 15, 2021. See photos below!


United Way of the Plains
Panel Presentation
Impact on the plains

Game Changer award winner in the United Way of the Plains first-ever "Shark Tank"-style Social Innovation Competition for Education on Nov. 15, 2021.

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