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Providing accommodations for students with disabilities and proctored examinations for all Shockers.

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Fostering Success Through Access

The Office of Student Accommodations & Testing sets the standards and determines the reasonable accommodations that may meet the needs of students with disabilities, while coordinating various testing and proctored examination services to all Shockers.

Our office is dedicated to supporting students to give them the opportunity to perform at their highest academic potential. We also strive to foster an inclusive environment, allowing them to fully engage as valued members of our diverse Wichita State community.

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We set the standards and determine the reasonable accommodations that may meet the needs of students with disabilities. The process requires professional documentation of the disability, description of the functional limitations of the student as a result of the disability, and in the manner in which the disability issue will be addressed. The purpose of the accommodation is to provide equal access to programs and services while preserving academic standards. Students will need to review the information on the following page to request accommodations.

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The Office of Student Accommodations & Testing is dedicated to improving student learning and development, the quality of academic and student support service programs, and the overall intellectual life and learning environment of Wichita State University. We strive to provide the highest quality testing environment and maintain accurate, confidential, and reliable test score and instructional assessment services.