Wichita State University Notification and Action Protocol in the Event of Student Death

Last updated January 3, 2019

This document is written with the intention that it will remain relevant regardless of changes in staffing or position organization. This document therefore contains position titles without names or contact information. Click here for the PDF version.

Protocol Begins:

In the event of a student death

If the death occurred on campus, campus police will respond and notify the Dean of Students.

If the death occurred off campus, when a university office or staff member receives information of the death they will notify the Dean of Students.

The Dean of Students will:

Notify the President's Office

The President's Office will:

  • Notify the Executive Team
  • Authorize the lowering of WSU flags to half-mast
  • Send letters of condolence to parent(s), guardian(s) or family
Notify Administration
  • VP of Student Affairs
  • Other AVPs
  • Associate/Assistant Deans
  • Directors
Complete "Notification of Student Death"

The Dean of Students' office sends "Notification of Student Death via email to directors/contacts in...

Dean of College

The dean of the college in which the student was enrolled will:

  • Obtain student’s schedule and notifies faculty and advisor
  • Notify Undergrad or Graduate Dean as appropriate
  • Send letters of condolences if appropriate
  • Initiate request to award posthumous degree if criteria is met

The Registar will:

  • Code student as “deceased”
  • Deactivate student’s email account
  • Notify communications officers to remove student from all University mailing lists
Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office will:

  • Deactivate student’s financial aid
  • Determine status of student’s accounts

The Controller will:

  • Notify Student Employment in Human Resources
  • Determine student’s balance to either refund as a credit or bill for balance as appropriate
  • Cut check if refund approved to “Estate of...” and determine (with Dean of Students) appropriate distribution of check

The Counseling Office will:

  • Provide on-site counseling if needed
  • Respond with counseling services as requested
  • Contact faculty to offer counseling for classes
Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications will:

  • Respond to media
  • Issue appropriate University statement
  • Coordinate media presence
Housing and Residence Life

If applicable, Housing and Residence Life will:

  • Cancel contract
  • Take room off-line if necessary
  • Contact Dining Services to cancel meal plan
  • Provide full or pro-rated refund with Controller’s Office
  • Work with Care Team to notify roommates
Student Health Services

Student Health Services will:

  • Cancel any outstanding bills the student may owe
  • If student has health plan, notify representative to determine coverage and benefits to be paid
  • Place Dean of Students’ memo in student’s chart