2.08 / Posthumous Degrees

  1. Purpose

    To create a policy that standardizes a procedure for the awarding of posthumous degrees.

  2. Policy

    The award of a posthumous degree recognizes the academic achievement of the student. Upon the recommendation of the student's major department to award a posthumous degree, the dean of the college will contact the family to ascertain their wishes and then will forward an appropriate recommendation to the Provost with a copy to the Registrar. If the degree to be awarded is a graduate degree, the chair's concurrence with the award must note the approval of the graduate faculty of the department.

    To be eligible for a posthumous degree an undergraduate student must be degree-seeking and typically within 30 hours of completing the bachelor's degree or within 15 hours of completing the associate's degree.

    A graduate student must be "near completion" of the degree. An approved plan of study must be on file or in the process of approval. All graduate school rules and regulations pertaining to time limits, incomplete grades, transfer credits, etc., will be in effect.

    During the commencement ceremony the names of posthumous degree recipients should be read at the beginning of each college list of names. If printing deadlines can be met, the student's name should be printed in the commencement bulletin.