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Request Accommodations

The Office of Student Accommodations & Testing (OSAT) provides students with learning, mental or physical disabilities an equal opportunity to attain their academic and personal goals to the fullest of their abilities.

New and Current Students: Please review the information below for accommodations.  

  • Using the AIM Portal for Students

    Submitting a New Student Application (New to the Office of Student Accommodations & Testing)

    To request accommodations students must complete the online New Student Application in the AIM Student Portal.  The application has two parts:

    • The application will collect basic contact and demographic information along with a brief questionnaire designed to allow the student to provide a self-report about their disability/disabilities and potential accommodation needs.
    • After submitting the initial application page, a second page will then allow the student to upload any relevant supporting documentation (doctor’s letters, evaluation reports, previous accommodation plans, etc.).

    If an applicant does not have supporting documentation to upload when completing the application, they can still submit the Initial Application.  Upon submission the student will receive a confirmation email that will include a link to upload additional information, if needed/when available. We must have documentation of the disability before we can move forward with the full process.

  • Continued Services (Students who are already registered with OSAT):

    Each consecutive semester students that are already registered with the Office of Student Accommodations & Testing will need to initiate the process to send Faculty Notification Letters (Continued Services/Accommodation Letters) to their course instructors if accommodations are needed.  

    • Please click on the following link to access the AIM Student Portal . The student will then select which classes to send letters to; verify which accommodations they are requesting; and then submit their accommodation requests.   Requests will be reviewed by the Office of Student Accommodations & Testing staff and then emails will be sent out through AIM directly to the instructor of record for the course.  The email will be addressed from the student’s assigned Access Coach (Primary Advisor in AIM) and the student will receive a copy of each email when the notifications are sent. If you have any problems with the process, please contact OSAT at osat@wichita.edu

  • For departments/persons needing to request a sign language interpreter, please email osat@wichita.edu.

Thank you!

To request proctored testing, please click the button below.

Instructors: Please click the button below to access the Test Information Form that will need to be submitted to Testing Services.