Accessible Classrooms

Main Campus

All classes at WSU should be in accessible classrooms. If you have any concerns about the classroom contact the Office of Disability Services.

Satellite Campus

If the class is at a satellite campus and the student is unfamiliar with the site, the student should drive by the location before class begins. This will allow the student to become familiar with accessible parking and the location of classes. All classrooms at the West Campus, Harry Street Campus, Haysville Campus, and the Metropolitan Complex are accessible.


Adaptive Recreation


The Heskett Center is an accessible facility and is open to all students currently enrolled and for faculty and staff that pay a fee to use the facilities. If a person with a disability wishes to use the facilities and has difficulty with equipment or access, Heskett Center employees will work with the person to achieve accessibility. All students can arrange a tour of the facility by phoning (316) 978-3082 or by going to the reception desk in the Heskett Center lobby.

Physical Education

Students requesting accommodations for PE classes should approach the instructor of the course for information on requirements of the course. Once this is complete, the student needs to make a request for an accommodation from the instructor on how the course may be adapted. If the student and the instructor cannot come to an agreement or think of an appropriate accommodation, then a meeting with the student, instructor and the Director of ODS should be arranged. Students should begin this process as far in advance as possible to allow the instructor and WSU time to make course and classroom adjustments.


Auxiliary Aids / Adaptive Equipment

Aids/Equipment available for users of ODS:

  • Digital audio recorders
  • FM assistive listening device (Phonic Ear)
  • Wireless microphones and receivers
  • Wheelchairs for emergency or temporary usage
  • Braille materials
  • Large print materials
  • Visual Tech
  • Adaptive computer with screen reader, scanner, dictation software 
  • Echo Smart Pens

The student and ODS staff will initial an equipment check-out list and an equipment check-out agreement form. All equipment will be inspected by ODS staff before the student receives the equipment and when the student returns the equipment. Any damaged equipment will be sent to the Director's office. The Director will arrange a meeting with the student to determine what happened to the equipment. If it is determined the equipment was broken out of negligence, the student will be required to replace, repair or pay for the equipment. If the student is not found to be negligent, ODS will be responsible for replacing the equipment. Any equipment that is lost by a student, staff, or faculty member will be replaced by the person that checked out the equipment.

Any equipment checked out for use in the evening or for a Saturday class needs to be returned to ODS by 9 A.M. on the next day the office is open. Most equipment will only be checked out for a class or a meeting. If a student needs the equipment for the entire day, the student must let us know when checking out the equipment. If the student will need to use equipment on a regular basis during the semester, the student will need to place this information on a "Permanent Request for Service" form.

ODS has a limited amount of auxiliary equipment and we try to use it as efficiently as possible, therefore, we rarely check out equipment for the entire semester or for extended periods of time. If you believe your situation warrants having the equipment for extended periods of time, please talk with the Director. The time lines we have established work effectively for our office. Any exceptions to these time lines must be approved by the Director of ODS.


Brailling Services

The Office of Disability Services will work with instructors to get materails needed for students to be brailled.  Please contact our office if you are needing materials in Braille.


Mobility Services (Van Rides)

The Office of Disability Services provides van ride services on campus to students with mobility and vision impairments. Students are welcome to call our office at 316-978-3309 or email us at to schedule an intake meeting to discuss this accommodation. ODS will provide the following van ride services to and from the following activities during our normal business hours (Monday-Friday; 8-5):

  1. Classes from residence halls, bus stops, parking lots, and between classes.
  2. Class-related activities such as meeting with instructors, tutoring sessions, study groups, on-campus lectures, plays, concerts, library, or campus bookstore for purchase of books.
  3. Student Health Services.


Note-Taking Services

Note-taking services are provided to any student who has registered with the Office of Disability Services, and has provided the documentation that supports this service. The note-taker coordinator will handle recruiting note-takers and collecting/forwarding all notes. 

Note-taking strategies:

  • If possible, take some notes for yourself during class. This will reinforce the notes you receive from your note-taker. If your instructor uses Blackboard for class notes and power point presentations, download a copy to have with you in class.
  • Rewrite and organize your notes the same day as the class. This will help reinforce the material.
  • Show the notes to your instructor to see if the quality of notes is sufficient for the class


Alternative Book Format

Students who need books in other formats (not printed format) will need to purchase the book first and provide ODS with proof of purchase.  Once ODS has received the proof of purchase, we will work to find books in alternative formats.  This could be in one of the following forms:

  • PDF
  • Audio
  • Word
  • other digital forms available upon request


Tables and Chairs

If you are in need of an accessible table and/or chair in your classroom ODS will help coordinate this with the ADA Coordinator. Please contact our office regarding this accommodation.