Grace Wilkie Hall, Room 203

Hours of operation:

Fall/Spring Semester:

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Monday – Friday

Summer Semester:

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday


To provide a specialized lab for individuals with disabilities and the opportunity to learn the use of adaptive computer software and hardware for completion of academic assignments, or other school related projects.

How is the lab accessed?

The lab operates on a first come first served basis. Students will have the opportunity to reserve specific computers because of specific software needs. A Student Assistant will be assigned to the lab during the hours of operation to provide assistance to students using the lab.

How is training obtained on the different types of software?

The staff of Disability Services will provide basic training to students on usage of the computer lab, basics of software, and use of printers. If needed, the Office of Disability Services will bring trainers on campus to give more in-depth training on specific software applications. After the initial training, individuals will need to devote the time necessary to learn the more sophisticated aspects of the programs.

Do the computers have access to the internet?

Yes, all the computers are connected to the internet and can be used for assignments and research.

Do individuals need to provide paper and data storage devices for use in the lab?

Paper will be provided in the lab for small printing jobs. Students need to request printing permission from the Student Assistant assigned to the computer lab. Students will need to provide their own data storage devices for use in the lab and all documents should be stored on these devices. Computers are purged of all unnecessary documents and programs every day.

What type of programs and equipment are available in the lab?

Microsoft Office is available on all computers in the lab. We use Premiere Assistive Technology Disability Suite on all of our computers, and Dragon Naturally Speaking and Jaws are available in our student assistant workroom. If a student plans to listen to audio recordings through the computers in the lab, that student should bring their own headphones for use. If specialized software is needed, students should meet with the Director to make a request to have the software purchased and installed in the lab. Currently we have 8 computers in the lab.