All returning students who use testing accommodations will schedule and take exams with Disability Services.  Please click on the button below to schedule your exams.  *Reminder: you will need to contact your instructor before each test to remind them to send the exam.  Disability Services will not contact your instructor to ask for the exam.

All new students who use testing accommodations will schedule exams with Testing Services. Please log on to to schedule your appointments to take exams.

Testing services that Disability Services will provide within the ADA and 504 Guidelines

  1. Reader and/or writer who adheres to DS test proctoring policies and procedures, and to the WSU Student Academic Integrity Policy Statement.
  2. Sign language interpreter
  3. Enlarged, brailled, or recorded test
  4. Auxiliary aids and/or assistive technology
  5. Extended time at a maximum of double the time allowed for the class (exceptions will only be made on a case-by-case basis).
  6. Academic aids that are permitted by the instructor.
  7. Private or group testing room without distracting noise or interruptions, that is environmentally accommodating according to the student's documented disability.


  1. The student should give each instructor a form describing the type of testing accommodations needed for the course at the beginning each semester.
  2. Contact the Disability Services' test coordinator (Jennifer Nicholson  or ) if there are questions or concerns regarding the student's need for testing accommodations.
  3. Be aware of the student's need to inform Disability Services three (3) business days prior to all quizzes and exams.
  4. Once the student has notified ODS of an upcoming quiz or exam you will receive a request for the exam via email.  This email will contain a test authorization form for you to fill out, instructions for delivering exams to our office, and contact information.
  5. Enclose with each exam the test authorization form and any special instructions or procedures for the student to follow during the exam.
  6. Please let the testing coordinator know if there is a change in date for your exam or if the student has requested a date/time that is not acceptable.
  7. Once the student has taken the exam our office will return the completed exam in the manner that you have indicated on the test authorization form as promptly as possible.


  1. Complete an intake with the Disability Services staff member before each semester of attendance to obtain DS service forms.
  2. Schedule an appointment with instructor at the beginning of the semester to give them the instructor letter and discuss accommodations.
  3. Openly communicate with instructor your test accommodation needs and know what the instructor will permit during exam.
  4. Inform the instructor of your other class schedules, so instructor can determine when you will take his/her class exams at DS.
  5. Notify instructor and DS test coordinator three (3) business days before each exam that you will be taking the exam at Disability Services.
  6. Contact instructor within 24 hours of a missed exam for permission to reschedule exam at Disability Services.

Testing Guidelines

  1. Arrive at Disability Services 10 minutes before your exam is scheduled to begin. If student arrives late for exam, student will only be given the allotted extended time as indicated on the exam.
  2. Make sure you have your WSU ID or other form of identification.
  3. Bookbags, cellphones, coats, purses, or any unauthorized academic aid will not be allowed in test room.
  4. Test proctors will not explain, clarify or express opinions concerning materials on the test.
  5. Exam will be discontinued if student becomes ill, engages in inappropriate behavior, or is found to be cheating and using any unauthorized material.
  6. Student is responsible for contacting the instructor for permission to reschedule if the student will not be taking or misses a scheduled exam. The instructor must contact DS test coordinator to authorize the student to reschedule an exam.
  7. Student must contact Test Coordinator 24 hours prior to a scheduled exam at DS if student decides to take exam in class, will miss the exam, or if an exam has been cancelled or rescheduled.
  8. All students must adhere to the WSU Student Academic Integrity Policy of the Kansas Board of Regents.

Testing Problems

The test coordinator will be responsible for any of the following testing issues that may arise. The test coordinator is also responsible for making contact with the instructor regarding Items 1 through 5. If the test coordinator cannot be located, the scheduling coordinator, services coordinator, or director will be responsible for test issues. At no time will a DS student assistant be responsible for contacting the department or the instructor about any of the following:

  1. Deviations of test
    • student is a "no show"
    • student is late for test
    • student cancels test
    • student changes test time, wants to take test early or later than designated time
    • student doesn't complete test within the designated test time frame
    • student arrives for an exam that has not been scheduled
  2. A test proctor or room for testing is not available for the test request time and date
  3. A student comes to DS to take an exam and the exam is not in the test cabinet.
  4. Student does not adhere to test policies.
    • brings into the test room academic aids such as notes, calculators, dictionaries that are not permitted
    • asks test proctor to clarify questions or tries to coerce answers from SA regarding test questions, or to provide services other than what is designated on test request form
    • brings items such as coats, purses, cell phones, book bags, laptops, or any other unauthorized item into test room
    • student leaves the test room to make phone calls
    • student is disruptive or exhibits inappropriate or threatening behavior during the test
  5. Any problems that the student or the instructor has regarding testing.
    • complaints regarding the test proctor
    • complaints regarding the room location or room environment
    • student had to wait for DS to obtain test
    • test time or day issues
    • student had to wait for test to be enlarged or brailled
    • any other miscellaneous issues regarding testing and test accommodations