Appealing Disability Services Accommodations and Eligibility Determinations

Wichita State University is committed to full compliance with laws protecting qualified individuals with disabilities. It is the goal of WSU that students with disabilities are actively engaged and recognized as valued, diverse members of the campus community. If a student believes that, after filing a Disability Services Incident Form, they have been denied a reasonable request for assistance or have been treated improperly because of a disability, this Appeal Procedure provides the steps a student may take to resolve the concern.

If a student believes that the instructor or Disability Services did not provide the student the appropriate accommodations or auxiliary aids and services required by law, the student can choose from the options listed below. Additionally, a student may request advice from a Disability Staff member at any time.

  1. A student may choose to resolve the matter by speaking directly with the instructor and requesting that the accommodations or auxiliary aids previously approved by Disability Services be put in place. A student may request assistance from Disability Services staff prior to having the conversation with an instructor. If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, the student should contact Disability Services within three class days to ensure the matter is resolved in a timely way.

  2. A student may contact the Disability Services staff member with whom the student has worked and request that their file be reviewed for further accommodations. Students may provide the staff member with additional information supporting their need for such accommodations. Disability Services staff members are committed to engaging in these interactive conversations with students, and strive to create an environment where students feel comfortable discussing their needs

  3. If a student does not wish to speak to the staff member with whom they have been working, a student may contact the Director of Disability Services, and request that the file be reviewed by the Director for additional consideration. The Director of Disability Services can be reached by email at or by telephone (316) 978-3309. In all cases, the review of accommodations shall be conducted within five school days by the DS staff member, the Director, or the Director’s designee.

  4. A student may file a formal written appeal with the Vice President for Student Affairs regarding Disability Services’ decisions. To file a formal, written appeal, the student should complete the Accessibility Appeal Form at the bottom of this page. The form will be submitted via email to You may also use this PDF version and email it in or send a paper copy to WSU Campus Box 095 to the attention of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Vice President may also be reached by telephone at (316) 978-3021. Appeals should include the following information:

    1. The contact information and Student ID number for the student filing the appeal.

    2. A full description of the situation, including a statement of the requested solution.

    The Vice President for Student Affairs, or designee, will notify the student within two school days of the receipt of the appeal. The Vice President, or designee, will review the matter and provide the student with a written statement outlining the findings and next steps available to the student within five school days. Where appropriate, the Vice President may instruct Disability Services to implement temporary and/or permanent approved accommodations.

  5. A student may file a formal complaint with the Office of Equal Opportunity which is responsible for investigating complaints involving discrimination based on protected class status. To initiate a complaint with the Office of Equal Opportunity, the student should contact the Director of Equal Opportunity.

Accessibility Appeal Form

Your email address.
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Where did the incident occur?
Please describe fully, but as succinctly as possible, your concerns.
What efforts have been made to resolve this issue? List location of meetings, all individuals involved, and date.
Please state the remedy or relief you are seeking or requesting.