Handbook: Absences

Student Absences

Interpreters will wait for the student ten minutes for each one-hour class. If the student does not show, the interpreter may leave but must fill out a "Student Service Documentation" form to record the absence. If the interpreter is scheduled to interpret for the same student later in the day, please check with the office regarding absences. If the student does not leave a message, the interpreter will report to all interpreting jobs for that particular student and wait for the allotted time. If the student does not attend any of the classes that day, the "Student Service Documentation" form should be completed for all of the missed classes. The interpreter will bill for these class times as usual.

Interpreter Absences

Interpreters must complete an absentee form a minimum of two days before a planned absence. If the interpreter receives vacation and sick leave benefits, a leave and overtime request form must also be completed. All forms must be submitted to the Assistant Director. In the event of illness, please contact the Office of Disability Services as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to provide adequate substitutions. In the event a substitute interpreter cannot be found, the Office of Disability Services will tape record the class lecture and transcribe it as soon as possible. (Please allow at least one day for this process.)

Instructor Absences

If the instructor does not show for a class, the interpreter is free to leave unless the student requests interpreting services for other University-related business. The interpreter may accompany the student during the scheduled class time if the interpreter feels qualified to do the job. The interpreter will bill for this class time as usual.


In the event there is less than a 24-hour notice of cancellation of the interpreter's scheduled assignment, the interpreter may still charge for that assignment. If notice of cancellation is given to the interpreter 24 hours or more before the scheduled assignment, the interpreter may not charge for that assignment.

Student Service Documentation Form

You must complete a "Student Change of Service, Cancelation Documentation" form if the student is late, does not show for the assignment, cancels or changes the original request for services. This form must be completed as soon as possible after the scheduled assignment. An example of change in the original request for services would be if the instructor did not show for a class and the student requested the interpreter to interpret other University-related business. If a change in the original request for services should occur, please explain the changes (including location) in the comment section on the form.

Incident Reports

Incident reports are to be used for any incident that has taken place that needs documentation. Please complete the top portion of the form with the name, time, class/activity, place, problem, and recommended solution. Notification will be given regarding any action taken. If the action includes contacting an instructor regarding the student, that information will remain confidential. However, information will be given as to the procedures that were followed.