Handbook: Scheduling of Interpreters

Ideally, the scheduling for interpreters is completed prior to the first day of each semester. Interpreters are scheduled and assigned based on the following:

  • student's mode of communication and personal preference
  • interpreter's skills, availability, background, and preference
  • class demands

The Assistant Director will contact the interpreter with a projected schedule, and the interpreter has the opportunity to accept or decline the assignments offered. The interpreter will then receive an electronic copy of the schedule as it has been accepted.

All interpreting assignments that are performed for a WSU activity must be scheduled through the Office of Disability Services. If a student requests an interpreter to interpret a meeting of any kind that occurs outside of class, please refer the student to the office to complete a "Request for Interpreter Services" form.

Textbooks to help the interpreter prepare for the interpreting of classes may be requested from the Assistant Director.