Office of Disability Services Staff

Gary LandrumGrady Landrum
Director of Office of Disability Services
Landrum is responsible for services, policies, staffing and direction of the office. Works with students on an individual basis to determine classroom accommodations, advice on scheduling, general overview of campus buildings and students organizations. Works with community and campus to promote disability awareness programs. Works with the Physical Plant and Facilities Coordinator to insure all new construction and remodeling projects are in compliance with accessibility laws both state and federal. Chairs the Access Committee which is composed of administrators, faculty, staff and students.

Kathy StewartKathy Stewart
Assistant Director
Stewart assists the Director of Disability Services and assumes Director's responsibilities during his absence. Hires, trains, evaluates and schedules interpreters for classroom interpreting and university activities. Assists with intakes of returning students to ensure they receive appropriate accommodations. Works with faculty to ensure their classes are accessible for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students, and works with other campus departments and offices to educate university employees on the needs and issues of deaf and hard of hearing students, faculty, staff and guests of the university.

Jennifer Nicholson
Administrative Specialist/Testing Coordinator
Nicholson acts as the testing coordinator, overseeing the testing accommodations program for students that are registered with our office for those accommodations. She is directly involved with the scheduling of the tests, requesting them from the faculty, receiving and/or printing the tests in a format that is appropriate for the student, having the tests ready at the scheduled time, and ensuring the tests are returned in a timely manner to the appropriate faculty member/department. As a result, she works with students registered with our office, student assistants that manage the coming/going of students taking their tests with us, and the faculty that are responsible for providing those tests.

Christina GregoryChristina Gregory
Senior Administrative Assistant
Acts as back office support, database manager, general office duties, internal and student records management, and coordinates the note taking for students who qualify for those services. Christina also serves as the LEAD certified senior advisor for the Mortar Board College Senior National Honor Society, and teaches Zumba classes for Campus Recreation.

Student Assistants
The student assistants are responsible for providing services such as escorting students to/from classes, picking up and returning tests and test proctoring, scanning, editing and assisting students in the computer lab, transcribing papers, brailling, clerical and office receptionist duties. They work on an hourly basis and carry out duties as assigned on the DS daily schedule by the Administrative Specialist.