The Disability Support Services Program is here to serve YOU. We serve 115 undergraduate students who have learning, physical, and psychological disabilities. We offer the following academic student support services:

Academic counseling
Academic counseling enhances academic success and persistence. We provide our students with regular and ongoing opportunities to meet face to face with a knowledgeable advisor who really cares about the student's educational goals. We also monitor the student's academic progress to see if other academic services are needed.

Individualized tutoring
Our students receive free tutoring in classes (up to the three hundred level) in most of the main General Education courses. Also, we advise our students to take advantage of peer tutoring in the Supplemental Instruction program here at WSU.

Career Choice Guidance
We discuss with our students their career goals and career options. We advise them on the various degrees that they can pursue to gain employment. Finally, we refer them to the Office of Career Services to meet with a Career Specialist advisor to assist them with resume writing, interest inventories, career fairs, and other career service related activities.

Study skills instruction
Our students can request a one-on-one study skills instruction session from the DSS Study Skills Coordinator. Also, we provide various study skills workshops throughout the academic year. Students in the DSS program are required to attend at least two acedemic enhancement workshops per semester and or watch a study skills video.

Financial Assistance
DSS has funds from the U.S. Department of Education (DSS Grant Aid) for those eligible program students who may experience financial hardship during the course of the semester. Financial assistance is offered to program students who receive a Pell Grant. There are also funds available through the Student Government Association Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) for program students who do not receive a Pell Grant. Those awards are based on student progress and financial need.

Computer and technology lab use
We provide our students with a computer lab (166 Grace Wilkie Annex) that contains computers/printers that have adaptive equipment and software that will enable students with disabilities to operate them. We encourage our students to take advantage of this service. Remember to log in and out whenever you visit the lab.

Scholarship and financial aid advice
We assist our students in scholarship searches and help them fill out the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Also, we refer our students to the WSU Office of Financial Aid for additional financial aid advice (student loans and grants).

Campus and community involvement opportunities
We encourage our students to participate in campus activities (i.e. be involved in the DSS Student Organization, attend student government sponsored activities, Spring Fling, fine arts and sports events). Also, we recommend to our students to become involved in community activities (i.e. Special Olympics, rallies, etc).

Degree planning and course selection assistance
We advise our students on the core courses of the General Education Requirements. We will also assist students to complete a semester-by-semester degree plan.

Textbook lending library
DSS has a few textbooks available to check out on a semester by semester basis. The textbooks that we have on loan are from the main GEP courses (Algebra, Biology, English, History, Psychology, Spanish, etc).

Study/Life skills video lending library
DSS has its own study/life skills video library that consists of videotapes and DVDs of all DSS workshops and other disability related topics. Each semester, (fall and spring) all DSS students are required to check out a video of one of the workshops to view either here or at home. If you are in need of this service contact the DSS Study Skills Coordinator.

Graduate school selection and information
We assist our students in locating a graduate school that offers a post baccalaureate degree in their desired field. Also, we assist our students in filling out applications and in preparing to take entrance exams.