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Other TRIO Programs at Wichita State University

McNair Scholars Program

The mission of the McNair Scholars Program is to encourage students who are underrepresented in higher education to pursue post-baccalaureate degrees. The program focuses on African American, Hispanic American, and American Indian/Alaskan Native students.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a federally funded program which assists 250 first-generation college students, limited-income college students, and students with disabilities.

Talent Search/Talent Search South

Talent Search/Talent Search South is a federally funded grant program. Talent Search assists individuals between the ages of 12 and 27 who have a desire to pursue post-secondary educational training. They may also be economically disadvantaged, a first-generation college student, or have any other needs (such as academic or counseling).

Upward Bound Wichita Prep

The Upward Bound Program-Wichita Prep assists students from the Wichita Public Schools in grades 9-12. Participants receive tutorial assistance, academic instruction and advising, career exposure, opportunities to visit post-secondary institutions, and personal counseling. Leadership opportunities are encouraged through student government, student organizations, and attendance at national and regional conferences. Students are in residence on the WSU campus during the summer. University students provide supervision and serve as role models during the six- to eight-week experience. University graduate students and Wichita Public School teachers provide instruction. Students are assisted as they complete high school and enter post-secondary institutions. Graduating seniors spend their summer taking University classes.

Kansas Kids at Gear Up

Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP is a U.S. Department of Education funded program that serves students throughout the state of Kansas. Children in foster care are given top priority for services, while limited income and children in adoptive care also qualify for this program. This program augments instruction and activities provided by schools and foster care facilities. Activities include: tutorial sessions, mentoring activities, counseling, workshops, and campus visits to post-secondary institutions and businesses. Through visits to post secondary and community institutions, student's educational pursuits are reinforced. Student's progress in instruction, tutoring and workshops is assessed monthly.

Disabilities Support Services

TRIO Disability Support Services (DSS) assists undergraduate students with disabilities through academic support, resources, and services enabling them to persist and graduate from Wichita State University. The program's qualified staff protects the dignity and values of all DSS participants and encourages them in their pursuit of a baccalaureate degree and quality employment.

Communication Upward Bound

The TRIO Communication Upward Bound program offers youth in the Wichita area an opportunity to hone their communication skills and learn how to work with and write for varied media outlets.

Veterans Upward Bound

The Wichita State University Veterans Upward Bound program (VUB) is an educational and skills program designed specifically to serve the needs of today's Veterans.

Education Opportunity Centers

The Wichita State University TRIO Educational Opportunity Centers Program provides free counseling and assistance on college admissions for qualified adults who want to improve their job opportunities through entering or re-entering an educational program beyond high school.