The First-Gen Coordinating Council (FGCC) is proud to support our First-Gen students on their path to becoming the last first-gen college graduates.   We have a gift for you.

A F1RST-GEN SHOCKER is one who identifies as the first in their family to attend college and obtain a bachelor’s, masters or doctorate degree.  In recognition of this accomplishment the First-Gen Coordinating Council (FGCC) is providing all eligible graduates with a yellow and white braided cord to wear on graduation day.  Please wear this cord to celebrate your accomplishment.  

Those who are eligible for a bachelor’s, masters or doctorate degrees in the spring/summer 2021 can pick up their cords at their designated location.  Please note that if you are a participant in a TRIO program your first-gen cord will come from your TRIO program office.  Be prepared to provide your Name and WSU id for verification purposes. 

Graduate School graduates please refer to the college of your degree emphasis.  


McNair: McNair Scholars graduation cords can be picked up at the office, Grace Wilkie Annex Rm 173D.
DSS: Disability Support Services graduates can pick up their graduation cords at the office, Grace Wilkie Annex Rm 158.” DSS will be hosting a “Student & Tutor Recognition Award” on May 7th to honor the graduates, as well.     
SSS: Student Support Services has prepared a mailing for all their 2021 graduates that is going out in the mail.  Please look for your cord in your grad package.

The following colleges have their cords:

College of Applied Studies: Graduates may pick up their cords at the College of Applied Studies Advising (CASA) in Corbin 107 (north wing of Corbin). 
College of Innovation & Design: See Dr. Patterson or Kristyn Smith.
College of Health Professions: The CHP Dean’s Office will have the First Generation cords available for the students to collect. PA & PT departments willl have their cords available at the Old Town Campus on Friday, May 7th.
Fairmount College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: Contact the LAS Advising Center in Grace Wilkie.
Dorothy & Bill Cohen Honors College: See Jessica Raburn at the Honors College office.

The Ablah Library will hand-out the following college graduate cords during business hours: 

College of Engineering

College of Fine Arts

Frank Barton School of Business

The Ablah Library hours are:
M – Th           8 am to 9 pm
F                      8 am to 5 pm
Sat – Sun       1 pm to 7 pm
Hours during graduation weekend will accommodate students so Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th they will be open 8 am to 7 pm.