Article I: Organization Name

The name of the organization shall be: First Generation Student Organization Constitution (FGSO)

Article II: Purpose Statement

The First Generation Student Organization seeks to raise awareness within Wichita State University’s student and professional community through activities and programs designed to foster the education of first generation students.  The WSU First Generation Student Organization pledges to lead the change for more acknowledgement and advocate for the implementation of practices which grow and sustain our underrepresented student group.

The Organization and its members agree to adhere to city/state/national laws and University policies.

Article III: Non-Hazing Statement

This organization will not conspire to engage in hazing, or commit any act which endangers the health or safety of a person, or subject him or her to onerous, degrading or hazardous tasks, for the purpose of admission into, or affiliation with any Organization.  Said acts are considered hazing, regardless of an individual’s willingness to participate in the activity.  This organization is in accordance with all university policies regarding hazing, including the Wichita State University Student Code of Conduct and the Kansas Hazing Law Statute 21-3434.

Article IV: Membership and Eligibility Criteria

8.10 Statement of Nondiscrimination in Educational Programs and Activities

It is the policy of Wichita State University to prohibit discrimination in educational programs and activities on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, and political affiliation, status as a veteran, genetic information or disability.

Membership classification shall be defined by the following categories:

  1. Basic Member
    1. A student member that meets all of the eligibility requirements as outlined in Article IV, Section A.
    2. Basic Members are expected to provide suggestions, support, and constructive criticism when appropriate, but are not permitted to vote.
  2. Voting Member
    1. A student member that meets all the eligibility requirements as outlined in Article IV, Section B.
    2. Voting Members adhere to all expectations and obligations that of Basic Members.
    3. Voting Members are also granted the privilege to vote as outlined in Article VI.
  3. Executive Committee Member (Officer)
    1. A student that meets all the eligibility requirements as outlined in Article V.
    2. President and Vice President Executive Committee Members may be nominated by any FGSO member that holds any member position noted within Section IV.
    3. President and Vice President Executive Committee Members are appointed as such per the eligibility requirements and voting procedures outlined in Section V, Section VII, & Section VIII.
    4. All other Executive Committee Members are appointed as outlined in Article V.
    5. Expectations and obligations of each Executive Committee Member are outlined in Section VI.
  4. WSU Affiliate Member
    1. An individual that is recognized as an FGSO community member and meets all the eligibility requirements outlined in Article IV, Section C.
    2. WSU Affiliate Members maintain the same rights and privileges as Basic Members, including the inability to vote.
  5. Honorary Member
    1. An individual who does not meet any of the above-mentioned eligibility criteria.
    2. The forenamed must be nominated by a member, officer, or advisor.
    3. Individuals are typically nominated for good deeds and/or clearly perceivable devotion toward the public, the environment, or the First Generation Student Organization.
    4. Approval of nomination will be made by vote per Article V.
    5. Honorary Members maintain the same rights and privileges as Basic Members, including the inability to vote.
    6. Honorary Members shall not go on record with Student Involvement as an official member.
    7. Honorary Members do not represent FGSO, but are permitted to claim affiliation.
    8. Honorary Members are to be chosen with the utmost discretion.
  6. Advisor/Advisory Board Member
    1. Must be a full time WSU faculty or employee member

Section A: Basic Membership

Basic Membership is open to any currently enrolled WSU student who meets the following criteria:

  1. Adheres to Wichita State University’s Student Organization Membership eligibility requirements per Student Involvement’s most current published Student Organization and Advisor Handbook.
  2. Agrees with our Purpose Statement.
  3. Pledges to comply with the most current published FGSO Constitution.
  4. Provides their name, contact information, student ID number, and signature as required by Student Involvement for semester submittal of official member roster.
  5. Commits to participating in surveys and questionnaires, and to provide constructive criticism when appropriate.

Section B: Voting Membership

Voting Membership is open to any currently enrolled WSU student who meets the following criteria:

  1. Meets all criteria for Basic Membership per Article IV, Section A.
  2. Either provides or agrees to provide FGSO Membership Dues as specified in Article IV, Section E.

Section C: Executive Committee Membership

Executive Committee Membership is open to any currently enrolled WSU student who meets the following criteria:

  1. Meets all criteria for Basic Membership per Article IV, Section A.
  2. Demonstrates or expresses a deeper commitment to the success, security, growth, and general well-being of the FGSO, its members, and its affiliates.

Section D: WSU Affiliate Membership

WSU Affiliate Membership is open to any WSU non-student who:

  1. Meets all criteria for Basic Membership per Article IV, Section A.
  2. Is a recognized WSU community member, such as (but not limited to) active and inactive staff and faculty, retired staff and faculty, alumni, etc.

Section E: Dues and collection procedures

  1. The fiscal year of the organization shall begin June 1st and end May 30th, running concurrently with the FGSO presidential term per Article V, Section D & E.
  2. The amount of annual dues shall be determined for the next school year by a vote of the newly appointed Executive Committee in the month of May that precedes said school year.
  3. Elected dues shall be communicated on, or prior to September 1st to all FGSO members on record.
  4. Dues shall be paid in the form of U.S. currency or allocated member “volunteer” hours to be used for the purpose of FGSO related activities, meetings, programs, and/or events.
    1. All said activities, meetings, programs, and/or events must be approved for allocated volunteer hours by Executive Committee prior to launch date.
  5. Dues by means of currency shall meet $10 per year.
    1. Must be paid at time of enrollment.
    2. Inability to pay dues by means of currency shall not be used as a basis for disaffiliation.
    3. Aforementioned dues not provided at time of enrollment will be converted to volunteer hourly dues.
  6. Dues by means of volunteer hours shall meet 10 hours per year.
    1. Dues required in the form of volunteer hours must be met prior to the end of each fiscal year, per Article IV, Section E-1.
    2. Failure of an FGSO member to settle dues in the form of volunteer hours within the permitted time frame as defined above shall be ineligible for membership until the outstanding amount of hours has been honored or until one year has passed since the date that said dues became delinquent.
  7. Members may choose to either pay $10 for the year, pledge 10 volunteer hours to be paid throughout the year, or any combination of both.
  8. A member who pays more than the allocated amount due are under no obligation to do so.
    1. Overpayment will be noted as a donation unless said member informs the Director of Finance otherwise.
    2. Above-mentioned notification must be done in writing.
    3. Membership is in no way contingent nor in any way affected negatively or positively by said donations.
  9. Any eligible party that joins FGSO membership after September 30th shall have their membership dues prorated on a weekly scale based on a 16 week semester period as per the Wichita State University Academic Calendar, including the weeks for Fall Break and Spring Break
  10. The disbursement of dues shall not be based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, political affiliation, veteran status, genetic information or disability.

Section F: Removal

A member, officer, or advisor may be removed for any of the reasons listed in this section.

  1. The organization and its members, officers, and advisors agree to adhere to all city, state and federal laws and to the most current published Student Involvement Student Organization and Advisor Handbook– any member, officer, or advisor found violating this may be removed from the organization.
  2. Members and officers agree to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, and University Policies and Student Government Organization Guidelines– any member or officer found violating this may be removed from the organization.
  3. Advisors agree to adhere to all University policies and guidelines relevant to their position.
  4. May be removed if a member or officer is placed on Academic Probation or Suspension.
  5. The Habitual display of behaviors or acts that are not cohesive with our Purpose Statement.
    1. Habitual as defined by 3 or more witnessed or documented occasions or acts.
  6. Any type of behavior or action that would result in WSU, FGSO, or affiliated parties to be shamed in any manner.
  7. If a member, officer, or advisor does not honor their duties as per their position in office.
  8. All members, officers, and advisors have the right to cease their affiliation with the First Generation Student Organization at any time.
    1. No refunds of dues or donations will be issued for member removal, whether voluntary or involuntary.
    2. Executive Committee is to be informed prior to voluntary disaffiliation so as to offer resolution. If no resolution can be met or individual refuses resolution offer, by seeking voluntary disaffiliation the individual will remain eligible for membership upon return.

Section G: Removal Procedures

Removal of Member, Officer, and Advisor procedures:

  1. All removal procedures stated in Article V, Section G shall apply to all members, officers, and advisors.
  2. The subject in question may be disaffiliated by the Executive Committee as outlined in Article V, Section F. Any removal proceedings should occur in a closed session of the Executive Committee to respect the subject’s privacy. Attendees should be limited to Executive Committee Members and concerned parties directly invited by the Executive Committee.
  3. The subject may be involuntarily disaffiliated by a vote of the Executive Committee. Any member on record may request that the subject be disaffiliated by the Executive Committee within a closed session only. A member on record must make a special request to address the Executive Committee in a closed session.
  4. The Executive Committee must vote whether to further discuss the complaint. If voted in favor of disaffiliation then a disaffiliation vote will be scheduled. The subject must be given notice of the intentions of the Executive Committee one week before a disaffiliation vote is to take place. The subject must also be informed as to the causes, reasons, and/or implications leading to the favor of scheduling said disaffiliation vote.
  5. The subject will be allowed to cordially and civilly address the Executive Committee prior to their disaffiliation vote if the subject so chooses. The subject will also be given the option to voluntarily disaffiliate prior to the Executive Committee involuntary disaffiliation vote. The subject will be asked to leave the meeting prior to the Executive Committee vote and will be notified of the result within one week of the vote.
  6. Any subject that is involuntarily disaffiliated from the First Generation Student Organization loses all voting privileges and may no longer identify themselves as being a member, officer, or advisor of the First Generation Student Organization. Involuntarily disaffiliated members, officers, and advisors are ineligible for FGSO membership or office for the remainder of the election year.
  7. Any member involuntarily disaffiliated may appeal this decision to FGSO’s Voting Members only once. The member in question shall be considered reinstated when the Voting Members show support for their reinstatement as indicated by a signed and verified petition. This petition shall be verified by the Executive Committee as to each signer’s intention and/or reasoning for approval. This will be done within one week of the petition being received by the Executive Committee. The member in question is still subject to the membership requirements specified in Article IV.

Article V: Officers

Section A: Leadership and Support Roles

  1. The First Generation Student Organization shall have an Executive Committee of core officers. These officer positions exist to serve all basic and vital tasks for FGSO to remain operational.  In addition, these core officer roles exist to ensure all members adhere to Student Involvement most current published Student Organization and Advisor Handbook.
  2. The Executive Committee will consist of the following officer positions: President, Vice President, Director of Administration (formerly known as Secretary), and Director of Finance (formerly known as Treasurer).
    1. Latter two Executive Committee officer positions and duties may be combined, becoming Director of Administration & Finance, if pertinent to do so based on current FGSO growth or structure of membership.
  3. The First Generation Student Organization shall also have enlisted an Advisor or Advisory Board.
    1. FGSO may choose to enact an Advisory Board consisting of the primary Advisor and no more than two additional Co-Advisors.
    2. The Advisory Board structure will be enlisted when deemed pertinent and/or beneficial to FGSO as decided by the Executive Committee.
  4. As growth or the structure of membership allows, the First Generation Student Organization shall enlist additional officer positions. These additional officer positions shall be known as: Director of Outreach, Director of Events & Programs, Director of Operations, Director of Marketing, and Director of Media.
  5. In addition, as FGSO’s growth allows, every role listed in Article V shall have one Assistant Director.
  6. Furthermore, as FGSO’s growth allows, every Assistant Director shall have up to two Coordinators.

Section B: Officer Standing

An officer must be a currently enrolled student at Wichita State University and in good standing.

Section C: Advisor / Advisory Board Standing

The Advisor (or Advisory Board Members) must be a full-time faculty or staff member at Wichita State University.

Section D: Terms

The term of office for all FGSO Executive Committee Member positions begins June 1st and ends May 30th.  This allows the Executive Committee Members to oversee, without interruption, Wichita State University’s academic calendar year.  This also allows FGSO’s fiscal year to run concurrently with the FGSO Presidential term of office.  (The academic calendar year typically follows a late-August to mid-May schedule.)

Section E: Nominations and Election

Nominations and election of the President and Vice President for the new academic year shall be conducted annually during the preceding spring semester of the academic year of interest.  The nomination and election of the succeeding President and Vice President shall be completed no later than the second Wednesday of May.  At least 2 weeks shall be given for the notice of the election meeting.  Nominations shall be initiated from the floor and elections done by ballot.  The person receiving majority vote will be elected.  Any FGSO member type or status, as listed in Section IV, may nominate any WSU student for any open Executive Committee Member position, granted said student meets eligibility requirements stated in Student Involvement’s Student Organization and Advisor Handbook. Any WSU student may apply for any open Executive Committee Member position, granted said student meets eligibility requirements stated in Student Involvement’s Student Organization and Advisor Handbook.

Section F: Appointment Procedures

Appointment procedures for open Executive Committee Member positions:

  1. All other Executive Committee Member positions (as specified in Article V, Section A) are nominated solely by the relevant term President and more than one WSU student can be nominated for a single position. Any interested WSU student that meets eligibility requirements per the Student Organization and Advisors Handbook may request themselves or another WSU student to be nominated.  Such a request is to be made and determined solely by the President.  Executive Committee Member nominees are appointed through a majority vote of the President, Vice President, and Advisor/Advisory Board.
    1. This shall be the only circumstance in which the Advisor/Advisory Board is allowed an official vote.
    2. Each office role category may cast only one single vote—one from the President, one from the Vice President, one from the Advisor/Advisory Board—concluding in three total votes cast.
  2. Upon the appointment of an Executive Committee Member, Voting Members are to be notified within one week.
  3. For reference only—this procedure is modeled as such to resemble the United States Presidential Cabinet selection and appointment process where the Senate’s role of voting and appointing is charged to the President, Vice President, and Advisor/Advisory Board. As a “check system” the Voting Members have veto rights as outlined above.
  4. Executives committee member are required to maintain 50% attendance at all meetings and events or meet a reasonable contribution to the organization as determined by a 2/3 vote of the executive council with split decisions determined by the organization advisor. Any member not in compliance will be subject to removal from office .

Section G: Vacancies

Any vacancy which may occur in an office shall be filled via appointment by formal procedures outlined in Article V, Section F.

Section H: Disbandment

In the event of a complete disbandment of FGSO student members, such that new election year provides no students to participate in electing of President or Vice President, any WSU affiliate (whether FGSO member or not) may nominate for every open Executive Committee Member position.  The President and Vice President shall be appointed by current or most recent Advisor/Advisory Board.  All other Executive Committee Members shall be appointed following formal procedures outlined in Article V, Section F.

Article VI: Duties of Officers

All Executive Committee Members shall have different duties as outlined below and will allow collaboration between different positions.  The duties outlined are only a sample and do not reflect all duties and requirements

Section A: President

  1. Represents the Student Organization
  2. Develops relationships with other key organizations, institutions, and individuals
  3. Ensures all offices are coordinating effectively
  4. Chairs all meetings to ensure it runs efficiently
  5. Conveys Member needs and desires to Executive Committee
  6. Verifies that all parties of interest are informed of meetings, agendas, events, and programs
  7. Must attend all meetings, events, and/or programs
  8. Signatory entity

Section B: Vice President

  1. Assumes any task the President assigns—essentially a roaming assistant
  2. Assumes the place of the President should the President ever be absent
  3. Maintains FGSO constitution and updates accordingly
  4. Maintains all OrgSync documents on record with Student Involvement
  5. May be asked to temporarily fill any Executive Committee Member position for up to 2 weeks
  6. May serve as signatory entity upon the absence of the President

Section C: Director of Administration (formerly Secretary)

  1. Creates Meeting Agenda in collaboration with President
  2. Keeps time at Meeting
  3. Creates Meeting Minutes
  4. Maintains all mail sent internally or sent out to email groups
  5. Maintains FGSO official records with Student Involvement

Section D: Director of Finance

  1. Keeps all financial records
  2. Maintains FGSO budget
  3. Request funds from SGA as needed
  4. Reviews documents and policies of WSU to ensure compliance
  5. Coordinate fundraising ideas

Section E: The Advisor / Advisory Board – WSU Faculty / Staff Advisor

(In the situation of an Advisory Board, the following duties will be dispersed and/or rotated amongst the Co-Advisors)

  1. Guidance of student members
  2. Suggestion of events/programs and their content
  3. Verity FGSO adheres to WSU
  4. Provide potential partnerships or collaboration with their own professional connections
  5. Shall not dictate any events/programs or commands unless risk of violating WSU policies
  6. Signatory entity

Section F: Director of Outreach

  1. Shall be responsible for reaching out to individuals on contacts lists and maintaining professional relationships
  2. Coordinate with other RSOs regarding events and/or programs
  3. Recruits Members to join
  4. Collaborates with various WSU departments and their staff

Section G: Director of Events & Programs

  1. Create agenda for Event and/or Program while aware of requests from other members
  2. Discover different activities that shall educate the community
  3. Form smaller, temporary committees to oversee details of event/program

Section H: Director of Operations

  1. Responsible for the day to day tasks such as reserving rooms, food, etc.
  2. Purchases needed materials for other members

Section I: Director of Marketing

  1. Oversees Public Relations
  2. Submits event and/or program information to WSU student and faculty newspapers
  3. Creates flyers

Section J: Director of Media

  1. Oversees all website content
  2. Posts to Facebook, twitter, etc. daily
  3. Responds to Facebook comments and posts

Section K: Assistant Director

  1. Help will assigned Director and their duties
  2. Observe FGSO operation for possible promotion

Section L: Coordinator

  1. Help Assistant Directors fulfill their tasks

Article VII: Group Committee Structure

Section A: Committee Appointments

The following committees (other than executive board) shall be appointed by the President, subject to ratification by the organization during a regular business meeting:

  1. Program Committee consisting of a Director and Assistant.
  2. Any additional and temporary Committee that may be needed for specific events or programs.

Section B: Standing Committee Duties

The duties of the standing committees shall include:

  1. Overseeing and managing all aspects of a specified program.
  2. Reporting to the Director of Events & Programs any and all details regarding specified FGSO event or program.

Article VIII: Voting

Section A: Quorum

A quorum will be a minimum of three Executive Committee members or five FGSO standard members

Section B: Voting Members

Voting Members may vote for the election of President, Vice President, and matters that the Executive Committee deems relevant.

Section C: Proxy Voting

Proxy voting is allowed via email.  Executive Committee is to verify validity by referencing said member’s name, email address, and any other pertinent information.  Proxy voting must be received no more than 48 hours after initial vote ensued.

Section D: Majority

Any decisions that requires approval through voting, majority vote wins.  President shall only vote in the event of a tie.

Article IX: Elections

Section A: Candidate Standing

Candidates for any office of this organization must be a current WSU student and must have a current WSU student ID.

Section B: Nominations

Candidates for any office of this organization shall be nominated by any member holding any level of membership per Article IV, or shall nominate themselves.

Section C: Election Date

Election of President and Vice President shall take place at a meeting of this organization, called for that purpose, with term of office lasting one year.

Section D: Majority

Election of President and Vice President shall be by a majority vote.

Section E: Ties

In case of a tie, the current President shall cast the deciding vote.  If current President cannot cast the deciding vote, the advisor will cast the deciding vote.

Section F: Default

If there is only one candidate nominated for President or Vice President then that candidate becomes elected by default.

Section G: Re-election

Officers may be re-elected by majority vote or by default if there are no other candidates nominated.

Article X: Meetings

Section A: Meeting Structure

Meetings of this organization shall be no less than once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters, the general day and hour to be set by the voting membership.  At least three Executive Committee Members must be present as all meetings, one of the three must be either the President or the Vice president.

  1. Meeting room to be announced no less than one week prior to the scheduled meeting.
    1. Shall be open to any interested party within WSU and the general public.
    2. For the purpose of very general FGSO business affairs and an opportunity to present any concerns.
    3. An activity or speaker to demonstrate the topic of their choice is allowed.
  2. Executive meeting room to be announced no less than one week prior to the scheduled meeting.
    1. Open to Executive Committee Members only.
    2. For the purpose of discussing FGSO business matters in greater detail.
  3. Special Meetings are to be scheduled as needed. These meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the Executive Committee and will be open pertinent individuals only.

Section B: Advisor / Advisory Board Attendance

The Advisor/Advisory Board may attend any meeting of FGSO, but are not required to do so.  The President shall keep the Advisor/Advisory board informed of all FGSO affairs.

Section C: Calendar Modifications

The President shall have the authority to modify the meeting calendar as benefits the majority of the voting members’ schedules of this organization.

Article XI: Rules of Procedure

Section A: Parliamentary Procedure

This organization shall use parliamentary procedure in the management of this group. This will specifically be Robert’s Rules.

Section B: Quorum

No business shall be conducted without the presence of a quorum as outlined in Article VIII, Section A.

Section C: Majority

Business shall be decided by majority vote of FGSO’s Executive Committee Members and/or FGSO Voting Members as relevant per content requiring a vote.

Section D: Voting

All references to voting or approval of the membership of this organization refers to Executive Committee Members and/or Voting Members, except where specified.

Article XII: Amendments

Section A: Authorship

One or more Executive Members and/or Voting Members of the organization may author an amendment to this Constitution.

Section B: Submission

The amendment shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Board for review and recommendation concerning legality, punctuation, placement and word order.

Section C: Presentation

The Executive Board shall present the amendment at the next meeting of this organization, a copy of the amendment being given to each voting of this organization. This shall constitute a first reading.

Section D: Distribution

At the next meeting following the acceptance of an amendment, updated copies of this Constitution shall be given to each voting member.

Article XIII: Signatures

Section A: Contracts

The President must sign off on any contracts entered into by the organization

Section B: Expenditures

The President must sign off on any expenditure by the organization