The Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is a university-affiliated representative body for all graduate students across Wichita State University’s colleges. The GSC represents over 2,700 graduate students at WSU through its advocacy, support, and community-building initiatives. While advised and supported by the Wichita State University Graduate School and Student Affairs, the GSC is entirely student-run and student-driven. For this reason, it represents a valuable opportunity for graduate students to influence the WSU campus and community.

The Graduate Student Council has 25 seats, reserved for graduate student representatives who are selected to speak for their respective colleges at Wichita State University. Within the Council, there are 4 standing committees, chaired by members of the GSC Executive Committee, tasked with representing and advocating for the needs of graduate students here at WSU.



Amy Bauman


Angelique Banh


Ashruta Acharya


Chair of Budget and Finance Committee

Makes recommendations to the Student Government Association

regarding student fee issues relevant to graduate students

and recommends and monitors the use of all Council funds.

Abigail Heitzman



Emily Thon, Chair

Events and Outreach Coordinator

The Events and Outreach Committee organizes and

promotes regular Council activities, events and

outreach initiatives


Rules Committee

The Rules Committee shall oversee, amend and

recommend Council rules of procedure and shall

approve all recommendations of changes to the

governing documents



Public and Media Relations Coordinator

The Welfare and Continuous Improvement Committee

shall recognize barriers to graduate student welfare and

identify possible improvements to graduate student

welfare and recommend actions to the Council that will

promote student welfare.

Jacob Armstrong

Past President