Your employment at WSU will NOT begin until you complete the Glacier process.


  1. Fill out the Glacier Non Resident Alien Tax Set Up Information form and bring to Wichita State University Payroll Office at 210 Jardine Hall. If you have questions, call payroll at 316-978-3074. Bring your documentation (if you are a student I-20 or DS2019, I-94, and Visa Stamp; teacher/researcher I-797, I-94 and Visa Stamp) to the Payroll office, #210 Jardine Hall, in order to complete the Tax Compliance Process using the Glacier System. This process will take about 15 minutes.
  2. Make sure to keep your sign-on information as you will need it to access Glacier in the future to provide updates to use whenever this data changes. Payroll will be sending out e-mails throughout your employment on campus to notify you of updates or information needed in the future. Remember to bring in documents, such as an extended I-20, for any future changes.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Glacier is a web based tax compliance system that foreign nationals employed by Wichita State University are required to complete. All foreign national students, faculty, and staff must complete the tax compliance process PRIOR TO BEGINNING EMPLOYMENT by using the Glacier system. Glacier has no relationship to other immigration requirements such as SEVIS. This is not CINTAX, a system that International Programs has in place for filing income tax returns. Glacier is a tool that enables the payroll department to determine the correct amount of tax to withhold from your paycheck, as well as, determine any tax treaty eligibility for an employee. In addition, Glacier performs the substantial presence test requirement.

The Glacier system will help WSU track tax treaties and substantial presence so that individuals who are not U.S. citizens or resident aliens can get the best possible withholding tax rate. Without this data, WSU must withhold taxes at the highest rate defined by your status. The information provided to the Glacier system is secure and used only for taxation purposes and only by the WSU payroll department.

REMEMBER -- Form 8233 and any applicable attachments must be submitted to the Payroll department each year you wish to claim a tax treaty exemption. Email reminders will be sent in November for the next year as long as your I-20/VISA information is current in Glacier and you are eligible to take tax treaty benefits.


Revised: 10/05/2018 DC