Every user assigned an approval role in the PeopleAdmin applicant tracking system needs a proxy. Proxies can only be requested by the PeopleAdmin approver. All requests are verified with the PeopleAdmin approver.

  • Approvers are:
    • Admin (non-grant)
    • Budget Officer (non-grant)
    • Budget Review Officer (non-grant)
    • Admin G (grant)
    • Principle Investigator (grant)
    • Dean/Chair (grant)
    • Vice President (non-grant and grant)
    • WSU Budget Director (non-grant and grant)
    • FLSA (non-grant and grant)
    • HRIS Prpocessor (non-grant and grant)
    • Originator (non-grant and grant)
    • ORTT Payroll (grant)
    • Supervisor (non-grant and grant)
    • WSU Budget Director (non-grant and grant)

Proxies cannot request their own access. 
Proxies do not need proxies.

Access approved can only match the access the PeopleAdmin approver has.

PeopleAdmin Approver Information (information about the person requesting their proxy)

Proxy Information (information about the person who should be the proxy)

Role and Org Accesses 
Proxy Role Access*