Leader Talking Points

The following talking points have been developed to assist leaders in communicating with their employees and answering employee questions regarding implementation of WSU's market-based compensation program. These talking points are current as of July 19, 2021. Archived talking points from earlier in the market-based compensation project can be found below.

  • All non-teaching positions have been mapped to a job description in the new job catalog. The position title comes from the job description in the catalog. 
  • If a Working Title for a non-teaching position was requested prior to the 5/14 deadline and approved, it will be visible to the employee in Employee self-service, their pay stub, the directory, etc. Otherwise, the Title visible will be the job title from the job description.  
  • Working title requests received after 5/14 will be reviewed in August, 2021 and if approved, updated at that time.
  • There are a handful of non-teaching positions in which the Non-Exempt/Exempt classification review was not complete at the time the statements were produced.  If the employee’s statement indicates “Under Review” in the FLSA exemption section, it simply means the review is still in process.  If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by the HRBP assigned to your area.  When the review is complete, you and the employee will be notified if there is a change and the next steps that will occur.
  • There are no changes to employee base pay as a result of the external market review and the assigned pay range.
  • The production of market-based statements are element exhibiting the commitment by the University to develop a compensation program that is market-based, transparent and administered in a consistent manner.    
  • No employee will have their base pay reduced as a result of this transition and those below the minimum of the assigned pay range will be given priority to bring them to the minimum or close the gap to the minimum of the assigned range when funds are available for the purpose of base pay increases.
  • No employee in a position with a base pay above the assigned pay range will have their pay reduced to bring it within the assigned range.  
  • No funding is allocated for base pay increases for FY2022.
  • It is important for employees to remember that base pay is one component of their total compensation from the University.  An employee may view an individualized Total Compensation Statement by accessing myWSU and selecting “Total Compensation Statement” to see other valuable indirect compensation provided by the University.

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