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To support University leaders in the administration of Market-Based Compensation (MBC), Human Resources is providing brief training videos and resources. All training videos and resources will be added to this page as they are developed.


Utilizing the Job Catalog

The Job Catalog is an online library of Jobs available within the University and is one element exhibiting the commitment by the University to develop a compensation program that is market-based, transparent and administered in a consistent manner. Utilizing the Job Catalog and other Compensation Administration Guidelines by leaders throughout the year will aid in creating consistency in the administration of base pay decisions. This short tutorial will contain information about Utilizing the Job Catalog. To access this training, click on the image below.

video still of Utilizing the Job Catalog

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Job Application Tutorial

Your WSU application history is available through your PeopleAdmin account. This tutorial will walk you through how to log in to view/print your applications. PeopleAdmin will only have record of your application if you applied to a position after March 26th, 2014.

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Job History Tutorial

Your WSU job history is available through your employee dashboard. This tutorial will assist in identifying all previous work history at Wichita State University. Employee Self Service will include all WSU employment from January 2006 to present.

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Work History Survey FAQs

What is relevant Work History?

Experience that is directly related to the job the employee is currently performing. Leaders provide the final interpretation of work experience just as they do for new hire and/or position change decisions.

Why were employees asked to provide relevant Work History?

To provide the employees with the opportunity to give their work history as well as their perspective on what is related to their current position. Leaders provided the final interpretation of work experience just as they do for new hire and/or position change decisions.

Who was the leader providing the final interpretation of my work experience?

The employee's direct supervisor received the information to review and made the final determination.

Should I have included my work history with WSU or only the history I had prior to WSU?

Both. Employees should have provided all work history, including WSU.

How do employees know the job description minimum qualifications that their reported work history will be compared to during the analysis?

Employees can use their job code or job title to search for the job catalog job description to find the summary, essential functions, required education, required experience, and any required certifications and/or licensures. Information on where to find the job catalog job description can be found here: Accessing the Job Catalog

How do I know how much experience is being credited to me in the analysis?

Your leader has this information and can provide it to you. If you are in the same position, but have a new leader since the data was collected or if you are in a new position, your leader may contact for this information.

What should I do if I feel my experience or job data is not correct?

Employees are encouraged to speak with their direct supervisor if they disagree with the final work history determination. If the leader and employee agree there needs to be a change to the number of years of prior work experience, the leader needs to communicate this to The adjusted number may not be able to be used in the current pay analysis, however it will be used in future pay analysis. If the employee and leader are unable to resolve the concern, employees should follow Policy 3.15 - Internal Dispute Resolution Process.

Will my pay be adjusted down or up as a result of the prior work history I report through the survey?

No. We are only collecting the data to evaluate future goals and compensation priorities related to the university’s annual pay analysis.

If I was on a leave (FMLA, Military, Personal, Administrative, etc.) during the survey period, can my work history be assessed once I return to work?

We are only able to assess work history that is submitted during the survey period. If an employee did not submit their work history during the survey period, the employee’s leader was asked to provide the information.

It was communicated that Faculty were not included in the job history collection survey, why were Assistant Deans, Associate Deans and Deans included?

Where we use the faculty model (primarily teaching, service, research - do not have an associated job code), we are not collecting this information. For individuals where we are using the job code in the model (for roles that are primarily administrative in nature and/or staff), we collected this information. Deans (including Associate and Assistant) are assigned a job code, so we collected their prior work history information.

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