PeopleAdmin - Employee Job Application

If you applied to a position after March 26th, 2014, your application is available in PeopleAdmin to view/print. To find your job application, please follow these steps:


Accessing Your Application History

  1. Go to Jobs Portal.
  2. Select Log In/Create Account.
    Screenshot of the WSU PeopleAdmin home screen, calling out the Log In/Create Account link in the left column
  3. Select Current emloyees select this link to log in.
    Screenshot of the PeopleAdmin log in screen.  Use the second button for current employees.
  4. The next screen will be your Single Sign On authentication.
    1. Username - myWSU ID.
    2. Password - your network password.
      Screenshot of the Central Authentication Service Login for single sign on using your myWSU ID and network password.
  5. Go to Your Applications:
    Screenshot of the PeopleAdmin job portal dashboard.  All applications to positions at WSU can be accessed through the Your Applications link on the left column.
  6. Click on Application under Application Materials on the right:
    Screenshot of open applications to complete and history of completed applications.  Full application for each position can be viewed/printed by using the Application link on the right side of the screen.
  7. From here you will be able to easily view/print your application.

You may not be able to view your application if you have applied using a different name, email address or phone number. If so, we can assist you in retrieving your application.

If you are unable to access your application please email

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