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April 23, 2021 - Implementation Briefing for Faculty and Staff

A briefing on Market-Based Compensation (MBC) project implementation was streamed live on YouTube on April 23, 2021. A presentation on the current project status and information on next steps is given by HR Executive Director Judy Espinoza. Following the presentation, Faculty Senate and USS/UP Joint Senate Presidents moderate a Q&A session with members of the Human Resources team leading the MBC transition team, including questions asked live during the stream.

Spring 2021 - WSU Shared Governance Transition Status Update

Throughout Spring 2021, representatives from Human Resources presented a status update of the transition to market-based compensation to both Faculty and USS/UP Joint Senates. The presentation slide deck is available for download here.

Fall 2019 - WSU Transition to Market-Based Compensation Program

In Fall 2019, WSU began the transition to a market-based compensation program. Representatives from Human Resources hosted multiple presentations to prepare leaders for the transition process and to outline the transition plan.

The presentation slide deck is available for download here.

The presentation handout provided to leaders at these presentations is available for download here.

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