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ARC In-Person Event

What is the ARC?

The ARC works to support instructors with the training they need and want. That means we work to identify those needs and then we reach out to the necessary trainers across campus and throughout the higher education community. All of our events are free, and we bring what you need to you. The ARC runs all year with week-long events in January, May, and August. We also host and offer special events year-round. If you have a request for an ARC offering, please reach out to Office of Instructional Resources directly at OIR@wichita.edu  


The History of the ARC

The Academic Resources Conference began in 2018 with a single-day event. Now, only a few short years later, the ARC has expanded to meet the needs of our large and diverse campus, as well as the sourounding region. In addition to in-person events (when possible), the ARC now brings instructors, staff, and interested others training through Zoom for three weeks each year. In 2021, these training events will happen in January, May, and August. In addition, we offer on-demand (recorded/online) training, webpage-based training, and custom training events by request.