Get Help from Campus Media Services

Physical Classrooms at WSU

The Media Resources Center is comprised of five teams, and two of the five work together to bring instructors most of their class-related training and support. Campus Media Services (CMS) is the office that designs, outfits, and supports most physical classrooms with instructional technology. When you have a problem in a classroom and call 316-978-3588, CMS staff are the people who come to help you.  When you are thinking about how to best design your course delivery or how to leverage educational technologies to offer parts of your class in a digital format, The Office of Instructional Resources (OIR) is here for you. 

Sometimes, CMS and OIR services overlap and work synergistically, so it can be tough to know what office to call for your specific concern. No need to worry! Due to our close partnership, you can contact either office, and if you end up in the wrong place, we will direct you. Looking for information about classroom support right now? Check out CMS's suite of webpages. If you have questions, send them to us at