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WiFi Capacities by Building

Keeping the campus WiFi capacity up-to-date and running is a big and expensive job, especially given some of the constraints of the last few years. If you are planning on heavy reliance on WiFi in the delivery of the in-person portion of your hybrid class, you will want to review this list of expected WiFi capacity by building to ensure your goals match with the realities of our current technical landscape.

Buildings with excellent WiFi 

These buildings provide excellent coverage and capacity.

  • Ablah Library
  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry
  • Ahlberg
  • Bardo Center (EEB)
  • Beggs
  • Brennan 1-2
  • CAC Theater
  • Cessna Pressbox
  • Clinton
  • Corbin
  • Devlin
  • Duerksen
  • Elliott
  • Engineering
  • Fiske
  • Flats
  • Garvey
  • Geology
  • Grace Memorial Chapel
  • Grace Wilkie
  • Grace Wilkie Annex
  • Haysville
  • Henrion
  • Heskett
  • Hubbard
  • Hughes Metropolitan Complex
  • Human Resources
  • Intensive English
  • Jabara
  • Jardine
  • Koch Arena concourse near entrances, arena floor
  • Koch Student Athlete Success Center
  • Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Lindquist
  • Marcus Welcome Center
  • McKinley where not blocked by brick and block construction
  • McKnight
  • Media Resources Center
  • Morrison
  • Neff
  • Old Town 213
  • Old Town 238
  • P2
  • Pizza Hut Museum
  • RSC
  • Shocker Hall
  • WSU South
  • Suites
  • Wallace
  • Wiedemann
  • Wilner
  • WSU West
  • YMCA

Buildings with moderate WiFi

These buildings may cause occasional issues with WiFi depending upon use at the time, but they can be relied upon to provide connectivity when systems are functioning normally and are not overwhelmed.

  • Eck
  • NIAR
  • Woodman

Buildings with weak WiFi

Classes in these buildings should not rely on WiFi connections to assist in the delivery of hybrid content as they do not have strong enough WiFi to support that level of use.

  • Brennan 3
  • Koch Arena in spectator seating area