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Academic Honesty Statement

We have a zip file of the academic honesty statement developed by Dr. Moriah Beck in 2019. If you would like to put this file in your class, make sure not to unzip it first.  This file is built as a test in Blackboard. You can set the two questions in the test to 0 points if you prefer, so use it the way you like.

Not sure how to import a test? We have you covered here.

File Contents

This file contains two items, an academic honesty statement that reads:

  • "Wichita State University is committed to the ethical pursuit of knowledge. In order to ensure the integrity of faculty evaluation of students, all members of the University community share responsibility for ensuring that students have demonstrated successful mastery of the learning objectives for each academic activity. By conferring a degree, Wichita State University is assuring the general public that the student has successfully met all requirements for graduation, including meeting the learning objectives for each academic activity. Indifference to academic misconduct is not a neutral act—failure to confront and or deter such behaviors will reinforce, perpetuate, and increase the prevalence of academic misconduct in the University community. Students are expected to complete independent, original work for each academic activity.  This includes plagiarism, unauthorized use or possession of materials or resources, and unauthorized collaboration or consultation.  For the purposes of this exam unauthorized materials include your textbook, notes, cheat sheets, any other print sources and/or websites other than the LockDown Browser access to the exam itself. Please consult the Student Academic Honesty policy for further clarification."
    • Students are asked to agree to abide by this statement
  • "I am taking this class because I want to learn.  I understand that in order to learn, I will need to do the assignments myself."
    • Students are encouraged to mark "true" to this statement

Once you download the file, you can make any modifications you would like to either of these statements.