Meet In Person or Online

Starting in 2024 on Tuesdays at 2:00-2:30pm, we meet together for a hybrid meditation session, and everyone is welcome to join in-person or online. These are free events and do not require any registration. We are going to try moving around to different Innovation Campus partner buildings, and whether you work in the building or not, everyone has access to the space. This is a great opportunity to see some very nice facilities across campus.

Joining in-person

Our Spring-Summer, 2024 sessions will be held in WSU Connect Faculty Lounge area in room 204 in the Ablah Library on the campus of Wichita State University.  The faculty lounge is on the second floor of the Ablah library. If you are coming up the staris, turn right and walk past the first column and then turn right again and walk to the back of the building (the far north wall). The lounge is in room 204. 

Joining Online

If your schedule or preference requires you to join online, that's easy too.  You have two options: either download the calendar invite and join from it, or come here on the day and click the link to the meeting from here:

Our Meditation Schedule

  • January 30
  • February 6
  • February 13:
  • February 20:
  • February 27:
    • Meditation #1: Noting
    • Meditation #2: High Impact Interval Meditating, Counting Breath/Awareness of Sound
  • March 5:
    • Meditation #1: Gratitude
    • Meditation #2: Ten Balloons
  • March 11: (no in-person meditation today, just online)
    • Meditation #1: Tree Meditation
    • Meditation #2: Open Meditation
  • March 19: (no in-person meditation today, just online)
    • Meditation #1: Sound Meditation
    • Meditation #2: Listening to Self Talk
  • March 26 (last day in-person at NetApp):
    • Meditation #1: Everything Changes
    • Meditation #2: Do Nothing Meditation (Want to check out the "Do Nothing Project" with Jeff Warren? It's on YouTube on Sunday nights)
  • April 2 (first day in WSU Connect):
    • Meditation #1: What is Mindfulness Meditation?
    • Meditation #2: Choosing a Focus for Meditation
  • April 9 (Moved to Faculty Lounge, Room 204 in the Library)
    • Meditation #1: Awareness of Body
    • Meditation #2: Awareness of Sound

“To allow ourselves to be truly in touch with where we already are, no matter where that is, we have got to pause in our experience long enough to let the present moment sink in; long enough to actually feel the present moment, to see it in its fullness, to hold it in awareness and thereby come to know and understand it better.” Jon Kabat-Zinn